We readied for church, only to decide that a drive to the ocean was more of what we needed. It was sticky, syruppy hot - a day for shade and slow walks in search of ice cream. We found both: the shade a perfect spot to nurse, the ice cream a perfect excuse to pause and watch the sailboats at the pier.

This is a chapel of sorts. A kneeling in awe. A beat of the waves chanting amen, amen, amen.



Hugo had his first day of preschool camp yesterday, and while his first *official* day of school isn't until September, I still got a little teary when I drove away.

He is so big these days - so confident, funny, smart, full of enthusiasm for life. I hope that school will grow these things in him. That he will love learning about the world the way I've loved learning about him.


The 4th.

We rummaged closets for our best red, white and blue, and headed to the parade. For the first time, Hugo joined my parents in my dad's Model T - a tradition we carried through my childhood. And to top it off, a barbecue with family, tiki torches, flag cake.

It's never, ever lost on us that we could have been born anywhere else. That our obstacles could have been many, our dreams bigger than possibility, our fortunes grim. That we were born in the United States of America is a privilege, and we can and will continue to find ways to share what we have, and make it count.


To remember.

*Maisie's eyes following raindrops as they chase down the screen in her bedroom.
*Hugo, eyes lighting at the sight of his dad in a matching shirt, his sister's yawns.
*A boy and bulldog, fast asleep beside me upon waking from a power nap.
*The heat of July, sweaty toddler playing with the hose.
*The almost holy silence of motherhood, newborn fast asleep in your arms.



Went camping for a day this past weekend - our family with my parents, siblings and their families. We returned with bug bites, a thin layer of dirt on all of our clothes and the lingering scent of campfire in our hair. I catch a whiff of it every now and then, three days later: the smell of summer.


Reunion weekend.

We spent last weekend with Blake's college roommates - our annual reunion weekend. We stayed closer to our home this time around, but rented a house large enough to accommodate all of us for a couple of nights. A beach trip, card games, baths in a claw foot tub, runs down by the waterfront and conversations around a table for ten. Nothing fancy. Goodness in simplest form.

Reunion weekends from 2017, from 2016 and from 2015.


29 years.

What I'll remember best from the last year: 
*building a home. 
*adventuring - to Paris, to Normandy, Michigan, Charleston, Chicago, Orlando, Cape Cod.
*our boy, speaking in full sentences. 
*one of the best seasons of our marriage.
*a full moon belly, the birth of our baby girl. 
*the runs that have been balm to a restless soul, that were in support of education for young women.
*hard work, career milestones we're both proud of.
*a quiet finale of early mornings, toddler snuggles, walks to town in the heat of the day, baby smiles.