Blue Things.

Blue is a nice color. It says - hey, I'm classy, but I'm also youthful and natural. And in the wedding world, blue is king.

I would know this, because I'm having a serious love affair with wedding blogs. It's really a problem, because it makes me second-guess everything. I've had 4 different dresses (well, two were just different sizes). I've questioned the church. I've tossed and turned over the tablecloths. It took a month to decide what color the lollipops should be. I know, I know. This shouldn't be that big.

These are my two favorite blogs:

So, after spending far too much time viewing picture-perfect weddings with their perfect dresses and perfect venues and perfect tablecloths and perfect wedding favors, I came to the perfect decision - BLUE.

Navy and light blue with green and silver accents.

Bridesmaids and flower girls are in navy, boys (groomsmen, dads, ushers, ring bearers) are in black tuxes with light blue vests and ties. The groom is in a black tux with a silver vest and tie. Elegant.

Now, let me tell you about the cupcakes that we have planned for this wedding (you all are going to want to come now). Whipped frosting with white and chocolate cupcakes, decorated with a tiny (blue) hydrangea bud. Of course, we had to test them before the wedding. They were delish.

Wow. How embarrassing is it that I've only done two posts and both have cupcakes in them? What a fat kid.

Then we chose the favors. I originally found smaller lollipops that we could have monogrammed, but they were a no-go because Blake thought they should be bigger. So we found these wonderful blue swirl lollipops and tied a navy ribbon around them with a note. My inner fat kid is totally showing.

We then had to decide how we're going to leave at the end of the wedding night. If you see pictures of this joyous departure on stylemepretty.com, you will understand my desire to exemplify such wedded bliss. Sparklers are the only logical decision. Everyone holds them and yells at you while you run to the car. My sister did this at her wedding, and it was very emotional. Lets just say I didn't handle myself well. I hope to have the same effect on my guests.

My mom found centerpiece jars and we decorated them with blue ribbon. They'll have blue hydrangeas in them, of course.
My mom also found nice blue and green (and one pink) antique plates that we used appoxe to bond to some antique candle holders. The result? Cupcake tiers.
Oh dear. That picture isn't so hot. They look better in real life, I promise.

More wedding updates to come!

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