Oh Hello, Social Media.

After feeling guilty for a while about being a writer and not having a blog, here I am. Thank you, Sara Martisek, for sharing your love of social media (and feeding what will inevitably be an addiction). Thank you, also, Melissa Overmyer, for creating a blog, sharing it with me, and making me feel more guilty about not having one.

I'm not really sure how this is going to go. I may have created something that I can't complete, like one of my many stories begun when I was young, restless, and probably far more creative. In the midst of planning a wedding, leaving for Italy in 2 and a half weeks, finding a job for the summer, finding a place to live next year, and completing an internship at CBS News, I have no time for this blog. Really, I don't.

The true irony of this blog is that it comes at a time when I am leaving the city (Une Fille Dans La Ville - A Girl in the City). And, I'll be honest, it took me far too long to think of that name. I like to rhyme, so that's part of it, I guess. I like French, too. And my heart is in the city, even if my fiance never lets me live here again.

I suppose now it's time to include a picture. What do I like today? Well, I'm hungry. Here are some cupcakes:

I'm also thinking about how I really need to run today. After work, I generally go back to the apartment, say hello to Donald the Doorman, and frantically change into running clothes to head over to Central Park before the sun sets. This arrangement usually works out nicely, but for the last few days, it has rained. Rachel tells me that running in the rain is always the best because it washes off the sweat, but I can't believe her. I don't like to be cold or wet, and I certainly don't like to have my clothes sticking to me as I run like a freezing, wet idiot through the park.

This is not me. This woman is probably in better shape than me. She probably runs even when it's raining. She's that dedicated. I don't know who this is because I found it on Google images. If this is you, I'm embarrassed, but I applaud your running form.

I'm thinking that, from now on, I need to have a direction to my posts. Or maybe I should make this blog about something specific - like finding the best clothes for your shape or cooking through Julia Child's cookbook. I'll let you know what I come up with.

Ok, I need to do some real work now.

Au revoir.

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  1. heheh it's just because you follow the female rule of glistening, not sweating. I gotta love anything that'll mask the buckets of salty liquid that pour out of me and make everyone think I just showered.


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