Sto andando verso l'Italia.

So last night, upon realizing that I have 19 days and counting before I leave for Italy, I picked up my "Italian for Dummies" book and began developing a tongue for the Romance language. I found myself adapting the language to what I know of French - a dilemma that I know Rachel struggled with when she spent time in Spain. I've heard that Italians are very polite, though (when they're not sneaky thieves), so hopefully they'll be gracious.

Here's what I know so far...

Non fumo. - I don't smoke. *In movies, Italians are always smoking, so I think I'll need this one. "Italian for Dummies" reminded me that I shouldn't jump to any conclusions based on what I've seen in movies. I don't believe them yet.

Io non ti piace. - I don't like you. *My grandfather is always telling me that I look like an Italian princess. I'll use this phrase to ward off the men hoping to marry royalty.

Io non ho ucciso il mio compagno di stanza. - I didn't kill my roommate. *Heard of Amanda Knox? That was Italy. Ok, that was probably in bad taste. But you never know.

Perché stai rubando? - Why are you stealing? *This one's for those pesky pick-pockets.

Io non voglio il vostro formaggio verme.
- I don't want your maggot cheese. *Absolutely necessary. They have cheese over there filled with maggots. It's called Casu Marzu. That's getting shut down immediately.

Like I said, I'm learning.

Also in preparation for Italy, I got my International Student ID pictures taken yesterday. I didn't smile, because I got yelled at when I smiled for my passport pictures two years ago. After the CBS woman finished taking the pictures of my disgruntled-looking self, she showed them to me. "Oh, I don't care," I said. That was rather harsh, I realize. "Well, some people really want to see them," she told me.

In what scenario would you need an attractive passport/International Student ID? I've never been hit on by the airport ID checkers, and I'm now thinking that my mediocre passport photo might be the reason why. Are they nicer to the people with attractive passport photos? Do they not frisk people with attractive passport photos? Do they get fired if they hit on people with attractive passport photos? These are all things that I wonder. But then I have to ask myself if I really want the people in the airport to find me attractive.

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