It seems like everywhere I go, the more I see, the less I know.

In the last few days there have been a few exciting and not-so-exciting things... I'll start with the not-so-exciting.

1. I have to wear glasses the entire time I'm in Italy. The eye doctor told me if I put my contacts back in, I run the risk of never being able to wear contacts in my left eye again. Which basically means I'll never be able to wear contacts again if I put them in too
soon. Unless I want to do the whole pirate thing.

The picture is unrealistic, because no one is that happy to be wearing glasses.
2. I'm not so cool about finances, after all. I'm discovering that I need to work on my communication skills when talking about money, because I've never had to do it in the ultimate "if we don't talk about this we might be living without water/electricity" kind of way. I also discovered that we're going to need furniture. Thank God for IKEA.
3. I watched a show on addictions last night, specifically about hoarders. It was terribly sad.

Now the exciting things...

1. I finished both of my articles! Woohoo! Now, they're only drafts, but the brunt of the stress is taken off, which I can appreciate. PLUS - only 3 days left until Italia!
2. I have a bridal shower tomorrow, hosted by my lovely future Mother-in-Law and Grandmother-in-Law. It's a dessert shower, so there will be trifle, chocolate cake, and a cupcake tree! (Among other things.) It's good to be a bride!
3. I get to see my baby sister's baseball game today, and I hear she's incredible! Her coach said that she is the best catcher she's had the honor to coach. Yeah, Christy! You change the Bittner stereotype :)
4. I'm seeing my little (well, big) brother Dan in his chorus concert tonight. A year ago, he blew us all away with a solo. I'm sure he'll live up to that performance.
5. I got to go out to dinner with my Daddy last night. We went to a great Japanese restaurant that just opened in the town next to us, and I had some delicious vegetable tempura. Mmmm. If you haven't had it, you're missing out.

6. Last night, I subscribed to the Better Homes and Gardens magazine (one year free!) to get some cheap ideas for decorating our home. See not-so-exciting #2.
7. I made a bucket list that I'm pretty excited about, and went through it with Blake to see which one's he'd do with me. See below. He was a pretty definitive "no" on the sky diving one. Maybe when he's a little older and more senile he'll agree to do it. You might have already guessed that he was a more than definitive "yes" on the touch a panda one. Blake loves pandas, or bears in general, in a pretty non-creepy although probably unhealthy way...

1. Visit Italy

2. Get married

3. Visit Greece

4. Visit Paris

5. Visit London

6. Finish College

7. Have a child

8. Run a Half Marathon

9. Refurbish a room

10. Have a garden

11. Do Karaoke

12. Ride a gondola

13. Witness solar eclipse

14. Ice Skating in NYC

15. Go Sky Diving

16. Learn to play golf

17. Learn to ski

18. Become fluent in a language

19. Learn sign language

20. Take a belly dance class

21. Ride a hot air balloon

22. Go scuba diving

23. Visit the Grand Canyon

24. See Iguazu Falls

25. Visit all 50 States

26. Take a photography class

27. Learn how to make syrup

28. Construct furniture

29. Make gourmet dinners for a yr

30. Knit baby shoes

31. Finish my book list

32. Stop taking things personally

33. Stop micromanaging

34. Break my cup-whore habit

35. Find a job

36. Meet a president

37. Month+ missions trip

38. Work on recycling

39. Drive less, walk more

40. Vacation at Martha's Vineyard

41. Go to a spa

42. Sleep in a castle

43. Have tea at the Plaza

44. Watch the top 10 movies of all time

45. Have Blake touch a panda

46. Adopt a pet

47. Be a vegetarian for a year

48. Ride a camel

49. Watch turtles hatch

50. Own season tickets

51. Spend a weekend at a silent retreat

52. Collect something

53. Go to the White House Easter Egg Hunt

54. Try Escargot

55. Plant a tree for my birthday every year

I'll probably add to the list as I get older :)

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