Italy: Day 12, Packing and Farewell

Today is our last day in Assisi, and I find that I'm leaving with more questions and fewer answers. It may just be the nature of travel and growth, but sometimes it's rather painful - usually it's bittersweet.

We spent the day packing, cleaning, napping, eating and spending time together. For dinner, we went out to a nice restaurant in the piazza...

Left to Right: Me, Annie, Claire, Anna

Left to Right: Ashley, Suz, Elise, Claire, Me, Annie, Anna, Amanda

I won't be uploading posts for the next couple of days because I'll be traveling, but when I return I'll do a reflection.

Thanks for reading about my Italian experience with journalism! I'll keep posting about my upcoming wedding, married life, Wall Street Exodus, and my senior year of college!

E' tutto bene.

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