Italy: Day 4, Interviewing

Today we had an interview with a fairly high-profile person who has been on the forefront of media attention for the last three years. I’m not allowed to give details on the interview or even say the interviewee’s name, but I’ll have an update for you later. It was informative and fairly exhausting to become so engaged in a story of such relevance and magnitude. For now, this is where we had our class discussion - a classroom in our place of residence:

After the two hour interview, we headed down the hill (and I do mean down, as the hill is at around a 45 degree angle) to lunch. Our professor ate with the interviewee, while the rest of us enjoyed stuffed shells with odd ham cubes and plates of meat. We were on our own for the next two hours, so I spend some time reading, up on the terrace, and editing my articles.

We soon reconvened for a debriefing of the interview, which became so heated that I’m now, at 9:45, ready for bed. Everyone had something to say about his or her own interpretation, and how they wanted to write about the story.

Brother Sylvestro, the “landlord” of the house, needs to leave tomorrow to visit his sick mother, and wanted a photo of the whole group. He was really sweet about it asking us to “friend” him on Facebook. Immediately after the photo was taken, he posted it as the background to the main computer. We really liked Brother Sylvestro, despite his rather harsh warnings about closing the door all the way – complete with a sign – and will miss him around the house.

Which reminds me, I was going to put up some pictures of my room. Blake wanted to see pictures of my weird shower, so I’ll put that up, too:

After our meeting, we had to go out and buy train tickets for our trip to Orvieto tomorrow, and from Orvieto to Rome. We’re staying in Rome overnight on Friday and coming back late Saturday. I thought I’d never have to stay in a hostel again after Miami Beach, but I’ll be staying in Ciao Bella Hostel in the center of Rome tomorrow night L I’ve heard international hostels are even more interesting than hostels within the United States. Don’t worry, I’ll take pictures.

For dinner, we went to yet another great gelato place. I’ve been noticing that almost everyone has chocolate-filled croissants, gelato, or other sugary desserts for dinner. Tonight I had Nutella gelato. Amazing. We walk around all day, so I suppose that’s justification.

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