Italy: Day 7, Shopping and Relaxing

Today was pretty subdued, which seemed to be what everyone needed. I had planned on going to Brother Tom’s church service (he’s a good friend of our professor) because it’s done in English, but I didn’t wake up until 10:30. I opened my windows to an absolutely beautiful day, and took a hot shower. It was such a relief to wash the travel grease off from the last two days.

Once clean, I headed out on my own to find souvenirs for family and buy the purse that I’ve been dreaming about for the last three days. After my wedding dress fiasco (ask me later), I refuse to make any significant purchases without thinking about it for at least two days. The woman in the store remembered me, and brought down the light pink Italian leather purse that has since become my child. I bought it and a few other things around town, and then headed back towards CEFID.

(My generous grandparents provided me with some souvenir money before I left for Italy, which was used to purchase my wonderful bag. Thank you, Grammy and Grandaddy! J)

On the way, I ran into the girls who were headed out on a similar shopping mission. Together, we headed back from whence I came, and found a café in the center of town for pranzo. We chose a spot outside and ordered vegetable crustinis. Delicious.

One of the other girls on the trip fell in love with the same Italian leather purse, so we went back to the store and she got her own. The Italian shopkeeper wanted a picture with the two of us and our bags. Our friend Annie took one with her Polaroid and gave it to the woman. I haven’t met a shopkeeper or restaurant owner yet who hasn’t wanted to take a picture with the American college kids…

Tired, I then went back to CEFID to read and write on the terrace. I spent hours up there, enjoying the breeze.

Around 10, we all went out to Sensi (downtown) for spritzers. By midnight, I was ready for bed.


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