Italy: Day 8, Homework

Today is probably not a day that you want all the details of, so I'll keep it brief...

First off, the two students who separated from us in Rome (they were staying elsewhere) got robbed on the train. They had to cancel their credit cards, get new ones, and have their parents wire them some cash. In addition to the no-money problem, they were also on their way to find a cord that was necessary for completing a project for the class. They didn't get the cord. Not a happy day.

Second, one of the girls lost her passport. She needed to go to the American consulate, fill out paperwork, take new pictures, and she's going to Rome on Wednesday. Not a happy day for her, either.

For the rest of us, we had class. The morning began with a two hour lecture on endnotes, then an essay on the sources found in our professor's book. Because I am somewhat of a loser (perhaps more than somewhat), I actually enjoyed the assignment.

What I didn't enjoy was discussing more of the Amanda Knox case. We have beaten the dead horse. Drank the well dry. Finished the last of the barrel. Sucked the life out of it. I'll have to update more on that later, as the process is still underway.

We had pranzo at the restaurant we frequent - today I tried bacon and egg pizza. Surprisingly good. This is not what it looked like, but I wish it had...

I then wrote on the terrace, where the sun was scorching. I was out for ten minutes and already had tan lines. Sunscreen. Gotta do it here.

We reconvened for another brief lecture, then we all spent the night writing, researching and editing. Two of the girls share a room, so one other girl and I joined them for some homework bonding time. When I finished early, I got some thank-you notes done and read my Real Simple magazine. They have some excellent, easy recipes. I think being in Italy is making me a better cook. I haven't tested this theory yet, but I'm pretty sure.

Also, another exciting thing. This weekend, we got our engagement photos back! Yayyy!
For those of you who have been on facebook, this is old news. I'll post a few...

Also, I've decided that after walking all of these hills, I'd like to do a charity walk/run. I talked about doing the Disney Princess Marathon with my future Mother-in-Law next year, but I don't know if I can commit to running a marathon in the Florida heat. We'll see...

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