Showers and Preparation

Tomorrow at this time, I will be flying from Boston to ITALY! :)

To reflect, the last few days have been a bit of a blur. I got to spend time with family and encouraged my younger brother and sister's extracurriculars. Last night, I enjoyed my beautiful bridal shower with Blake's family. I wish I had more pictures, but we were so preoccupied with visiting that we forgot to take any!

During the day (yesterday), I went out with Candy, Blake's mother, to find a dress for the shower. We went to J.Crew (duh) and she found a cute little black dress. As I've said in a previous post, J.Crew is a weak spot for me. You'd be proud of the self control I demonstrated. I only tried on. It was a triumph of the human spirit.

We then went to Michael's in Waterford to pick up a throwing garter. Candy bought me a keepsake garter with Blake's a my name on it, and our wedding date, but we needed one that could be given away. We returned to the house, and finished up some of the shower cooking - some delicious fruit skewers, dipping sauce, and brownies. The day before, she made trifle (my sister's favorite), mini cupcakes, cheesecake-filled chocolate-covered strawberries and a brie. My mother made a vegetable platter and banana pudding, in addition to the cake Blake's grandmother made! Needless to say, no one left hungry.

It was so nice to spend time getting to know the women in Blake's family better. I've been around for years, so I know them all, but I enjoyed finding my own place in the family. His aunts and grandmother's have such unique personalities, and have welcomed me into their family with joy and blessing. Blake's great-grandmother (he has two still living) came to me at the shower saying, "This is my first great-grandchild getting married. I tell everyone." What a blessing to watch generations follow you, to be surrounded by beautiful family, and to enjoy social functions with the flair of a 20 year old!

Today, I went to a cute little restaurant in Durham for breakfast with our wedding planner. She is a woman who goes to my church who has offered to help us plan and execute our big day! Her family is full of servant-hearts who have been more than helpful with every detail of our wedding. She (Mrs. Morrow), my mother and I were able to go over the plans in detail over omelets and coffee.

Blake and I met up with Jillian and Aaron later in the day at IKEA, where we were able to test our inexpensive furniture :) I think we got some great ideas. It helped to have a newlywed couple with us who has so recently gone through the furniture-buying process. We all joined my mother at Target to get some last minute things for Italy. I stocked up on energy bars and my favorite, Nutella (which, I discovered the other day, is wonderful on graham crackers. Like a s'more sans mess.)

Tonight, we had a nice family barbeque to celebrate my departure, and I was able to talk to Melissa and Erica (two of my favorite people in the world) before I go abroad! I'll have to include a picture...

I love these girls!