Well, we're a week away, and I figured (if you're following this blog) you'd need an update right about now. Here's our list from the last week...

Dress for Mother of the Groom: Check.

This was one of the final three, but not the gorgeous dress that she ended up getting. I will say, my future Mother-in-Law has some interesting tastes in dresses. I saved her (and really, everyone else) from getting one sequined dress that strongly suggested "mermaid". She would kill me if I put up a picture of that one... Not to worry, she'll be stunning in the one she chose!

Father-Daughter Dance Song Chosen: Check.

2 Dance Lessons Completed: Check.
1 Break-Down Post Dance Lesson: Check.

Dress and Veil Picked Up: Check.

Blake's Ring Made By My Father: Check.
I wish I could put up a picture of the ring now - Daddy made it out of a nut from his shop, molding it to fit Blake's finger and buffing it to add shine. After he was done with this day-long project he confessed: "I love buffing!"

Seating Chart Created: Check.
Seating Chart Printed: Check.

Romantic Picnic in the Park to Celebrate Our Last Week of Engagement: Check.

I put together a dinner, complete with sparkling apple cider, brie, and cantaloupe, for us to eat at a park near the high school we both attended. It was nostalgic.

Wedding Earrings Purchased: Check.
Going-Away Dress Purchased: Check.
Tonight my mother and I made a trip to the mall to find earrings. I loved the opportunity to catch up with her on both wedding and non-wedding details. I can't show you, but we made some excellent purchases.

MC Notes Typed: Check.

Quilt Delivered: Check.
Now, this one deserves more than just a check. This is a HUGE blessing provided by my incredibly talented Grandmother. Over the years, both of my grandmothers have lent their sewing expertise through a number of mediums. For the wedding, my father's mother made the flower girl dresses. Yesterday, my mother's mother delivered this masterpiece to Blake and I. Let me tell you, I am in homemaker-love. This quilt will be a keepsake...

7 Days! We're getting there...

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