Moving Forward

I am enormously blessed.

First, our wedding was incredible. We were touched by how many wonderful friends and family members chose to join us on our day. As we left the reception (with Danny, our "buddy", as a driver), we spoke of how overwhelmed we were by everyone's generosity, love, and support.

When we got to Disney on Monday around noon, it was a balmy 100 degrees. As it continued to reach high temperatures in the two weeks we spent there, we scheduled our days accordingly. In the mornings, we would sleep in or head to the parks. Then around midday we would spend time at the resort pool with iced beverages. When the sun began to set, we would again spend time in Epcot, Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, or Animal Kingdom. One day, we went to Discovery Cove to swim with dolphins. Other days were spent driving small boats, playing mini golf, going to movies, touring Celebration and shopping at Downtown Disney.

For my 21st birthday (Friday, June 18) Blake surprised me with gifts in the morning. We went to a semi-awkward character breakfast, drove the boats in Epcot's lake, spent time by the pool, and went to the Contemporary for dinner. The California Grille is a ritzy restaurant at the top of the Contemporary hotel, and boasts perhaps the best food in Disney World. It also has an incredible view of the Magic Kingdom - Blake planned our late dinner so that we could watch the MK fireworks from the restaurant. Afterwards, we played in Magic Kingdom until 3 AM.

Our return was filled with more fun and surprises. My sister and her husband, Aaron, set up our West Haven apartment with most of my bridal shower gifts. This was a huge blessing, as it took us two days to move the additional items into our new home. Not to mention that pesky air conditioner...

Which brings me to a recent discovery.

You can learn almost as much about your spouse (and yourself!) in 2 days of moving in as you can in six years of dating.

1. I have probably 10 times as much stuff as Blake.
2. Blake sweats A LOT while installing an air conditioner. As I came to help him lift it (for the 3rd time) into the window, he warned, "mind the sweat." I almost slipped in his drippage on the floor.
3. I am OCD. As we were organizing bathroom supplies, I moved our two toothpastes and our two deodorants from where they were to places next to each other at the bottom of the cabinet. Blake's eyes got big as he said under his breath, "craaazyy".
4. Blake can not sleep unless the room, sheets, temperature, moonlight penetration, and noise control are to his specifications.
5. We have different ideas of what "necessary" appliances are.
6. Blake has more towels than clothes.
7. Blake is very particular about the cleanliness of his clothes, but not so much about the cleanliness of the kitchen floor.
8. Apparently, we need three fans and an air conditioner in our small apartment.
9. We have been spoiled in the past with shower water that remains hot for the entirety of our shower experience.
10. We are incredibly efficient in the grocery checkout line.
11. Blake should probably do most of the cooking. I should probably do most of the cleaning.
12. I will cry about anything. Even the fact that we'll never have another first meal as a married couple again.
13. The only ice cream flavor that we can agree on is Vanilla Cherry.
14. Blake loves me enough to walk down the street to buy coffee filters with me at 9:30 PM.
15. I worry considerably more than Blake.

Blake and I need to go back to our respective jobs now (he with MDCapital and Applegate, me with Wall Street Exodus) but I'll add updates as time allows.

For now, check out this promo video for the business I'm doing PR for during the next two months. In August, I'll be going down to Honduras with my boss to shoot the pilot.

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  1. Congrats Stevie! I'm so happy for you. I really enjoy following your blog. Stay in touch! I'm hoping to visit New England either this summer or early fall. Nutella and some Keeping Up will be in order. XOXO


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