Precious Babes

I have a confession to make...

I'm not all that wild about babies.

Isn't that terrible? What kind of sick am I?

I've had people tell me that I'll love my own babies when I have them. I probably will, because there are a few rather pleasant things about infants. For instance, a clean baby smell is nice. Hearing a baby laugh is endearing. Having a baby fall asleep on your shoulder is downright precious. Babies are great in small doses.

But I've babysat enough to know the truth. I'm on to you, babies.

Generally, babies look like old men. I myself looked like a boy until I was around two years old. Babies also spit up. Everywhere. They fuss when they don't get what they want. They wiggle and cry and don't articulate what they want, knowing that you're a sucker and will try everything in your power to make them happy. They don't sleep much, and expect you to run on their schedule. They poop whenever they want, then when you begrudgingly go to clean it up, they giggle as if they've done something delightful. But it isn't delightful. Changing a diaper is never, ever delightful.

Clearly, I'm aware of my disinclination toward babies, and am seeking to change our relationship. At first I thought that I might be dealing with the most problematic infant population, so I continued to babysit for new families and help out in the nursery at my church. My experience was much the same.

I will say, however, that there are exceptions to my anti-baby sentiment. For one, I adore Blake's little cousins, Luke and Greyson. When I see those little peanuts in sweater vests and mini-suits, I melt. There is nothing cuter than a dumpling in argyle.

The second exceptions are the little ones that Blake and I took care of in church nursery today. Annabelle, my tiny one year old friend, spent fifteen minutes sitting silently on Blake's lap with her "nini" (blanket). So, so precious. Jack, another one year old, enjoyed building houses out of blocks on the floor. He's the one who, last week, asked my mom, "nap...now...please?" while she was changing his diaper.

Here he is, taking a nap after some intense house-building. This kid loves naps:

I'd say liking four babies is a pretty good start. I'll give it another 5-10 years...

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