Goldendoodles are dandy.

Story time.

When I was growing up, my family never had dogs or cats. The reason for this was not that my parents were cruel pet-haters (as my sister and I would have liked to believe) but that my mother was allergic to both. We begged our parents for a dog - any dog, but preferably a golden lab - they said no. We wrote up petitions. We prayed. As a last resort, we asked Santa. That year, we were forced to learn the truth about our Yuletide friend.

And so, as luck would have it, we were confined to the realm of pet oddities.

No, not that odd. But Blake would LOVE a pet panda.

We did have some odd ones, though. We were the family that had pet rats, rabbits, chickens, hermit crabs, ugly fish, frogs, cockatiels, teddy bear hamsters, and one very personable Eclectus that lived in our dining room. We did every variety of weird activities and experiments with these pets - going down the slide with a chicken, making our rats swim, not feeding our frogs for over 3 months (they lived!) and taking our hermit crabs to school.

If their lives weren't strange enough, we were never surprised by the ways through which our pets met their end. Always abruptly, sometimes devastatingly, never with proper decency. Our chickens were eaten by an obese raccoon. One rat died of a digestive blockage. Our hermit crabs literally ate each other. The Eclectus got an infection in her toe. The fish were over-fed. Most tragically, a chick was stepped on and, to put it out of its misery, had to be drowned in the pool.

There came a time when I didn't really want pets anymore. I'd had enough of their messes, constant needs, and untimely deaths. When I started dating Blake and met his then one, which became two, which became four, which ended up at three Bernese Mountain Dogs, my decision against pets was solidified. They're not bad dogs, but they aren't for me.

As the dogs bark and run out to the car when I pull into the driveway, I can't help but yell at them. I don't appreciate when my friend's dogs sniff, lick, or drool on me. When I'm approached by a dog and his owner on walks, I never ask to pet the animal.

This changed when I discovered Goldendoodles.

Never have I seen something so precious. Blake and I decided that this - when the time comes - will be our breed of choice. We've already chosen a name. We already imagine scenes of life with our dog.

I started doing some research, and subscribed to a number of puppy sites. This prompted the constant influx of offers on Goldendoodle puppies. I'm hooked. I want a dog like never before.

That's all. End of story.

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  1. my mom said she was 'allergic' to cats and dogs too...
    she was allergic to their mess and smell and the work that they require...


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