Oh, the places I'd like to go...

Working from home is great if you have the concentration of Helen Keller. No disrespect intended.

As I have about a million things swimming around in my head at one time, working from home is a rather difficult endeavor. Of course, it saves on gas and allows me to see Blake more than I normally would. It also allows me to determine my own work schedule and go for a run in the middle of the day. It's a fair trade off, really. And it's only for the next week and a day, so I plan to enjoy it. But right now, clearly, I'm distractible...

I'd love to be one of three places right now, all of which include Blake, sun and ice cream.

The first is Watch Hill, Rhode Island. Each summer, Blake and I travel up to this touristy beach town at least once. We live (or lived, rather) in a town similar to Watch Hill, but that fact has never put a damper on the experience. It might even add to the appeal. Normally, we'll go up for a day on the beach with lunch and sunscreen in tow. The water is deliciously salty and always (why don't we ever learn?) cold. This morning, I asked Blake if he wanted to go up this weekend, but he wasn't up to the task. I think he might be travelled out...

The second is King Ferry, New York. My best friend's family (the Hogues) owns a cottage along Cayuga Lake where I spent a blissful week as a child. About thirty minutes away from the cottage lies her grandparent's farm, where we stayed on our 8th grade trip. Nearby is Buttermilk Falls State Park, a gorgeous area with cliffs, paths, and waterfalls. All these wonderful places are made even better by their association with my best friend, who is there often in the summer. Last night, I arranged for Blake and I to travel out to King Ferry in mid July. No doubt, we will have ice cream during our stay.

The third is New York City. I am incredibly "home"sick. For my birthday, my grandmother made me a cute weekend bag with a NYC subway pattern on the side. This instigated what has been for the last few days a gnawing problem. I want to go back to runs in Central Park, shopping in Soho and buying Pinkberry ice cream for lunch. Thankfully, this intense want will also be fulfilled in mid July. Blake and I will be taking a trip to Manhattan to see Next to Normal and Billy Elliot on Broadway, accompanied by dinner at Sardis. We'll make a weekend out of it. I could not be more pleased.

As I compile a report for investors, I think about these places. I love where I'm at - really. Alas, I am just woefully distractible.

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