Sweet, Sweet Success.

Like every other weekend we've had this summer, this one demanded a lot of determination. This time, though, we came through with flying colors. I'm proud to say that we accomplished more this weekend than we expected...

1. On Friday at work, we had 3 important meetings with influential people that will hopefully result in jolts of progress for Wall Street Exodus.

2. I got a much-needed haircut. My split ends were becoming so unruly that I was distracted by self-trims while at work. Thankfully, my wonderful stylist, Shelbie, was able to fix the damage and leave me with slightly shorter hair and side bangs.

3. I went on a terrific run on Saturday morning. I didn't have the chance to run this week, what with the long hours of work through all daylight hours. The endorphins from my early run in already 85 degree heat carried me through the day.

4. Blake and I went for a late night swim at my parent's house. What's better than swimming in lukewarm water under moonlight with your husband?

5. We signed a lease on an apartment in Massachusetts! The area is beautiful - it's on a quaint downtown New England street, less than a mile from the beach and the train station (which can take us into Boston), and within steps of Dunkin' Donuts and church. The apartment itself has granite countertops, tons of storage, a decorative fireplace, hardwood floors and large vinyl windows. It's pretty small, but that will keep the heating bill low!

Bedroom in the new apartment.

Our street in MA.

6. We had a date night at one of our favorite places, Cheesecake Factory. We only have one in CT, and it's about an hour away, so we love stopping at Cheesecake while in Mass. We also spent some time in the mall, using up gift cards at Pottery Barn and Bath & Body Works.

7. We finally made it to church, albeit in the 90 degree heat sans air conditioning.

8. After two weeks, I got to see my family again. They had been on vacation out west, visiting extended family and seeing some of the sights (the "sights" being the Henry Ford Museum, a B&B farm, and the Great Wolf Lodge). My mom returned with a "heritage plate" for Blake and I, with a verse written in Norwegian along the edge. Apparently, I'm Norwegian. This would have been nice to know during all those years of feeling like a genetic failure next to my purist Italian and Swedish friends.

9. On the way home from Massachusetts, Blake and I sang worship songs together for about an hour. Not only was it a stress relief, but I was also appreciative of our time praising God together. I know it sounds cheesy (for lack of a better word), but it brought me a lot of peace in the midst of the chaotic daily grind.

10. We went to Blake's great-grandmother's 90th surprise birthday party this afternoon. Blake has three living great-grandparents, all of whom are still sharp and fairly active. I love these people dearly - they are so fun and incredibly genuine. Great-Grandma Cunningham just lost her husband, but finds joy in his memory and the family that surrounds her. When I see someone as blessed as she, I am encouraged by the prospective joys of the future.

My new brothers... Spencer, (Blake & me), Taylor, Chris, Chase

11. We made a Target run to pick up some groceries and find a new book for me because I FINISHED my seemingly unending 880 pager. Time for something less predictable, preferably American, and easy to get through (as I have school reading, as well) - I found the New York Times Bestseller "Eat, Pray, Love".


On that note, I'm ready to watch a movie and prepare for the coming week.

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