Tweet Style

The other morning I woke up and said to Blake:

"You know why I like Twitter?"
"Hm." (His common response when he really doesn't care about the answer)
"Because I think a big part of happiness is piecing together the many little things throughout the day that make you smile, and Twitter helps you remember those."
Blake rolled over and went back to sleep. (In his defense, it was 6:30 AM)

So, in an attempt to catch up on the many things that I didn't tell you about the last week, I'll summarize in "tweet" form.

1. Went for a walk along the West Haven boardwalk one evening, chatted with my husband, and stopped for dinner at Turk's - an old seafood restaurant that Blake's grandfather built.

2. Went for an early run in the humidity one morning and arrived at the office an hour early. Points for productivity pre-8 AM.

3. Conducted a late night meeting on Thursday with cast members and advisors to Wall Street Exodus. Arrived home at 10:30.

4. Had my first experience with Stew Leonard's. Vowed I would never go there again if I only have two things to buy. It is the Ikea of grocery stores.

5. Met with Blake and MIL for lunch one day as a break from work. Enjoyed Crumbs in Westport.

6. Moved out of the West Haven apartment on Friday, into an apartment in New Haven. We'll only be there for 3 weeks, so Blake and I are hesitant to unpack. Instead, we spent the weekend sleeping at my parent's house.

7. Finally got some time by the pool on Saturday and Sunday. My poor skin hadn't seen sun in 3 weeks.

8. Had lunch and went to the town book sale with Blake and Taylor on Saturday. Not as successful as previous years, but that's actually a good thing. My "books to read" list is getting fairly extensive.
9. Made a J.Crew run with Mama. Purchased a new sweater.

10. Celebrated Chris's 26th birthday on Saturday night!

11. B's whole family hand-printed his parents' kitchen walls. Blake said, "Oh, good. Now the kitchen looks even more like a nursery." True story.

12. Went to church with my family. First time back at my childhood church since the wedding.

13. Had lunch with my best friend, Rachel, and her new boyfriend, Chris. I give my stamp of approval.

14. Enjoyed dinner with Blake, Chad (my boss) and his family at their house in Wilton. Their 6 year old gave us a circus show, we were fed numerous marshmallows at a campfire, and we talked past 11.

15. Went for a Model T ride along the beach with the boys.

16. Purchased a "new" car. Blake needed a car for the coming school year, so he sold his old one to his family and found an 06 Volvo S60. Good gas mileage, one previous owner, 5 cylinders, great condition.

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  1. What a cute idea! I love that you blogged in twitter format. You're too cute! I love you and your mad blogging skills:)

  2. Thanks, Sara! I owe it all to you for introducing me to blogosphere :)


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