I've decided that this semester will be about discovery in a few distinct areas:
  • Cooking (Becoming at least proficient at making a meal - this seems to be a recurring goal)
Blake (mostly) and I made Italian and Mexican food this weekend. We completed the picture with music from their respective countries. Our new neighbors love us.
  • Wine (This is low priority on a low budget, but is most certainly a prerequisite to classiness)
  • New England (Sailboat-watching, fairs, apple picking, etc. - all things I've done in Connecticut, but want to do more of in Massachusetts)
I spent Saturday afternoon on the beach (10 minute walk from our apartment - beautiful) with a few of my favorite girls. Today, Blake and I walked around Rockport after church.
  • Yoga (I really need to tap into this source of stress relief)
  • Reading and Writing (A discovery with promised application through my course load)
I spent the afternoon reading about the Modernist literary movement and the ethics of kairos - depressing. Nicholas Sparks and Jodi Picoult are starting to look like pleasant alternatives - even more depressing.
  • Studying Proverbs (A devotional on purpose-filled life suggested by a friend)


  1. not sure where to start, so i'm skipping around a little. just wanted to chime in and say that i fully support your desire to tap into yoga, though you posted this back in 2010. :)


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