Autumn, let's be friends.

I'm an autumn kid. I love slipping out of summer shorts into a nice pair of jeans. I'm a fan of plaid. I enjoy a drive through New England as the leaves start to change. I don't hate school (shhh... I love it). I freak out as soon as the local orchard opens its "Pick Your Own" apple season. Seriously, I'm a sucker for anything autumnal. I'm even pretty obsessed with the word.

But I'll get to that...

First, the school/work week.

I spent the large majority of my week inside reading fabulous literature from the modernist period (a brief, delightful dinner with good friends Heather and Melissa smooshed in there somewhere), stopping in the Admissions Office to work, and casually browsing the library for children's books - which I devoured. Why children's books? Because I'm taking a Children's Literature class. Why? Well, a variety of reasons: partly because I needed a 2-credit course, partly because I might go into publishing, and partly because reading simplistic literature is a huge relief in my day.

Reading children's literature brings me back to some old-school favorites. Most notably The Boxcar Children books, American Girl novels, "Love You Forever", "Strega Nona", "The Little Engine That Could"... I could go on forever. But, for the sake of time, I will recommend the long-time most-requested of my older sister and I, "The Best Little Monkeys in the World".

Best. Book. Ever.

Back to autumn.

I could smell it in the air this morning. I opened my closet and caught sight of my plaid shirts, fluttering in the early September breeze. It was tantalizing. Those cozy shirts, which had mocked me all summer long, were beginning to look more relevant. But today I didn't do it. There's nothing worse than bringing on the plaid season earlier than is socially acceptable. Plaid rides a fine line between "comfortable lover-of-autumn" and "crazy lumberjack". I didn't want to risk it.

Instead, to get my fall-fix, Blake and I went apple picking and hiking. Tonight, we might even make caramel apples.

Autumn is officially on.

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