Fall Family Meals

One thing that I loved about quad break: sitting down at the table with some of my favorite people in the world while celebrating birthdays, a break from our chaotic days, and the blessing of life.

I have been waiting months for my mother's amazing chili and cornbread.

Tomorrow is my father-in-law's (FIL) birthday.

Reasons why Chris Walker is the best father-in-law:
1. He tells me (and MIL) that (almost) anything I cook/bake is the "best thing he's ever eaten".
2. He might have teared up a little at the wedding.
3. He took the day off because I wanted to go to the beach.
4. He put a girly PEZ dispenser in my stocking.
5. He started referring to me as his "future daughter-in-law" when I was fifteen.

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