Halloween Weekend

This week I simply had no motivation to enter blogosphere. It might have been the absence of internet for 2 days, the seasonal change or the overall mental exhaustion. In any case, I'll try to update you on the highlights of the last few days in a succinct fashion.

Thursday was uncharacteristically warm for late October, so Blake and I went down to the beach with a group of friends to take advantage of the great weather. With Halloween cupcakes and apple cider donuts in tow, we sat in the sand under the soft light of an autumn moon, filling our stomachs with sugary goodness and filling our souls with the reminder that summer will come again.

The next day was 20 degrees cooler and those artificially-sweetened cupcakes sent me home from my workout class with a stomachache that will keep me from eating frosting for at least a few weeks. Ah, reality.

On Friday afternoon, we picked up my friend Jessica and headed down to Connecticut for the "red-carpet casual" Wall Street Exodus premiere party. For those of you who don't know, Wall Street Exodus (the project) is an initiative through Thousand Times, LLC (the company) which seeks to build sustainable businesses in Teupasenti, Honduras with the help of 12 former Wall Street executives. The project will be featured as a television reality series in (hopefully) the coming year. The party on Friday night was attended by advisors and participators in the project, and we were invited because I had worked as production coordinator over the summer. It is a truly remarkable group of people who make this project possible, and I was grateful for the opportunity to share in the celebration of the pilot and promotional products. I'll probably have photos to share once the photographer posts them online.

We stayed at my parents house on Friday night and spent Saturday morning in the kitchen with my Dad, eating his pesto eggs and discussing the latest updates in his aeronautical hobbies. On the way out of town, we stopped for a short visit with Blake's family. Our visits to Madison never seem long enough.

My good friend Heather and her boyfriend Brian were hosting a Halloween party down the street from our apartment, so we had to come up with some last minute costumes. Note well: do not visit any Halloween/party store within 20 miles of Salem 2 days before Halloween. In Salem and its surrounding towns, Halloween is not a one-day event. It is a week-long process that brings out the cute, the terrifying, the inappropriate and the downright strange for a display of the diversity and poor taste of mankind. A local advised me to shop a week in advance and to avoid the back of any seasonal costume store. I didn't listen. Shame on me.

We're Katie Couric and a random male newscaster, can't you tell?

Melissa, Heather and me getting into character.

At this point, my wig came off because I was pretty sure that it was going to give me a rash on my forehead.

So after sorting through the chaos of two malls and two party stores, we emerged from the world of the weird with two wigs and a reformed sense of a once-appreciated holiday. But the party was fun, and today we've stocked the trick-or-treat bucket with candy for our first Halloween as a married couple.

Secretly, we hope no one comes. We love Kit-Kats.

Enjoy your Halloween celebrations!

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