Strength Training

On Monday I started a new class at the Gordon gym, which is deceivingly called "Strength Training". Originally, I had feared that this class would give me more arm strength than any (normal) woman could possibly want. Point being: I gain arm strength faster than a Massachusetts driver can make a stupid mistake (that's fast). This is not a joke. It might be a medical mystery. That, or the result of excessive gymnastics lessons as a child. I had nightmares about the impossible size that my muscles would grow to.

This is what I was afraid of.

Whatever the case, I had nothing to fear. This class is the best thing I've done for myself in a long time. When I got up this morning to aching legs and shoulders, I sang an (internal) Hallelujah chorus. It hurts because it's challenging me.

And yesterday as I ran around the indoor track, threw down 20 push-ups, endured too many crunches to count and experienced the inhuman torture referred to as "the wall sit", I exclaimed (internally, again), "Thank you, God, for giving me legs! Thank you for giving me arms! Thank you for giving me abs and hamstrings that can endure such things!"

So today as I survey the damage of a week of homework, intense workouts, messes in the kitchen, piles of laundry and streams of work email, I am thankful. God has been faithful. Every immediate need has been provided for. What better way to start the day than to be physically drained and praising my loving, intense, detail-oriented God?

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