Into the Woods

"Stevie, where did the weekend go?" I think to myself as I collapse on the couch with my 5th... no, 6th KitKat of the day (hooray for no Trick-or-Treaters!).

It's been one of those weeks - you know, the one in which you have to refer to yourself in the third person to keep yourself distanced from the chaos of life, the one in which you've lost count of how much candy you've eaten, the one in which you have to guess which exercise at the gym is giving you that truly awful pinch in your neck... the one where you realize that the pinch in your neck probably isn't from the gym at all but from the 50 lb. bag that you carry all day, every day "just in case". Yep. It's that week.

So how do I have time to blog? I don't, really. But blogging is one of those things that's good for your soul. After finishing an 11 page paper about an hour ago, I need to write something that doesn't feel contrived or make me feel like eating a 7th KitKat to reward myself for endurance.

And now what I really wanted to write about: Into the Woods.

Last night, Blake and I went to see Gordon's take on the Sondheim musical - mostly because my friend Rachel is in it but also because Blake felt that he "needed some culture". The play was long. Very long. Almost 3 hours long. But it was beautiful. Everyone did a great job, the casting was good, the set was incredible - and Snow White (Rachel)? Best Snow White I've ever seen.

But what really got me was the story. After years of listening to the soundtrack in the car on the way to school, I still had no idea what Into the Woods was all about. I remember asking Jillian once - her reply was something like, "It's complicated. And creepy." She probably just didn't want to go through the whole plot (I mean, the thing was 3 hours long), because it's really neither of those things. At the beginning of the program, the director's note spoke of the play as a journey that everyone takes, but has particular resonance in a college community. "Ultimately" he says, "the journey is about growing up - in the best sense of that phrase."

It made me think about my growing up experience as I watched. And, as all the fairy tales that comprise most of our childhoods came crashing down to the reality in which we all live and work and wish for something greater than what we are, I felt... relieved. Perfect isn't always perfect. And that's still okay.

Here's a little Bernadette to brighten your day:

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