It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Winter

I think I see frost. No, not the good kind of frost from which we get our beloved Christmas songs about a snowman or about how it ever so gently nips at your nose. I'm talking frost that you have to scrape off the windshield of your car for fifteen minutes to create a window large enough to have some visibility. I'm talking don't-walk-across-the-grass-or-it-will-make-your-boots-cold-and-wet kind of frost. I'm talking about frost that is only available to cold days like these, forcing you to throw on hats, gloves, and scarves that you had delighted in putting away last spring.

(The photo is from last year, but you can't tell because we look the same)

I'm trying to be okay with it. I really am. But yesterday morning as I walked out of the apartment alone and was met with not only a layer of frost on my car but also a very strong, very cold gust of wind, I halfway-yelled, "NOOO, NOT YET!"

I was a sad sight to behold in my pea coat, gym attire, boots, three bags and cup of coffee. I pictured figures of Frost, Cold and Freezing Wind all up in the clouds laughing and pointing: "Yeah, boys, let's pick on that girl. We'll make her look even more unkempt." And yes, the three of them are all masculine, because girls don't delight in the cruelty of winter. The girls are in California somewhere - Sea Breeze, Gentle Rain and Warmth. They had enough of the buffoonery of Frost, Cold, and Freezing Wind and wisely moved to more tolerable climates.

Blake says I need to stop personifying objects and ideas. Almost everything we own has a name and a voice. It's really kind of delusional and strange. Last week I was on the brink of tears when Blake brought up the memory of my old computer biting the dust. Milton. We had so many good times together...

Where was I? The sudden freezing cold.

Photos from last winter: a sign of things to come.

In any case, it's cramping my style. If I thought California or South Carolina had anything to offer us, I would want to move there.

Also, I need to take pictures of Blake waking up. It's one of the funniest things you'll ever see. On my way out the door (he has a short commute to the office), I nudge him. He'll flop around until he gets the upper half of his body out of bed and look around as if to say, "Oh my goodness! The world is still here!" It's priceless.

And please enjoy this blast-from-the-past photo of Blake and I at Christmastime when I was 15 or 16. Back in his Cross-Country days, Blake was such a gangly thing. And I had yet to discover the power of a good bronzer.

Happy Saturday! Stay warm, wherever you are.

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