Morning Glory

Blake's words last night as I was opening a bottle: "I'm not being patronizing, I'm being helpful. If I can do something better, why don't I just do it?"

Nice, right? Well, I didn't marry him for his sensitivity, and I love him enough to let it go. That's what we do. We let those little things go - only after a raised eyebrow and a smirk. Because tomorrow I'll say something just as stupid.

I can also overlook this because I know that Blake respects me. He respects my individuality, my need for alone time, and my life goals. I was reminded of this today as I went to see the movie, "Morning Glory", which is basically the story of my future aspirations. It also closely resembled my experience as an intern at CBS News. In "Morning Glory", Becky (Rachel McAdams) gets a long-shot opportunity to be an executive producer of a low-rated morning show in New York City. While improving the ratings, she also builds relationships and gives people a restored sense of purpose.

But when the movie began, Becky was single. Much like the success story of every career woman that I've ever seen cinematized, she was fiercely independent, overworked, and alone. And I was disappointed, because I think it's possible to be both an accomplished career woman and a loving wife and mother. I saw my mother do it. She even did it in heels. But she could do it only because she and my father had a support system in each other. Which is what I have - a man who has chicken fingers ready when I get home, listens to Christmas music with me in early November, and puts up with the smell of my herbal heating pad. I am so blessed by his constant love and support; I am so proud of his abilities as a lending advisor, music guru, news aficionado, sports analyst and stellar cook.

And if Becky's story weren't enough like my goals (sans non-relational aspect), she also sported the bangs that I acquired at the hair salon today. Eery.

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  1. I will be writing a post oh-so-similar to yours once I see the movie:) I hate that I haven't seen it yet, but Luke's best friend is getting married this weekend. I love that Hollywood FINALLY decided to make a movie of our lives!


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