This is what the latter half of my semester looks like:

1. Wake up. Devotions.
2. Brew the coffee.
3. Make myself look semi-halfway-decent while watching The Early Show (or the Today Show... I'm having some loyalty issues due to CBS website glitches).
4. Go to the gym. Work out until making my way down the stairs seems like an enormous task.
5. Shower in the locker room and finally get to drinking my coffee.
6. Go to work (Admissions).
7. Try to make it to chapel. Its starting to look pretty far away as the temperature drops.
8. Go to class. (Sometimes 2 or 3)
9. Spend entire day in the library. Eat lunch while writing/reading.
10. Go home - act as chef's (Blake) assistant.
11. Warm up "Bed Buddy" - my new best friend.
12. More homework.
13. Search for dark chocolate. Occasionally have a glass of pinot grigio.
14. More homework.
15. Go to bed.
16. Repeat.

Occasionally, I'll meet up with a friend for coffee, make time for a lengthy phone conversation or trade vacuums and clothes with Rachel Strasner like I did tonight. Riveting, I know. But I'm getting there. And I'll miss it when it's gone.

As much as the routine is becoming mundane, my excitement in the anticipation of Christmas is steadily growing. I have the Christmas lights. The Christmas cards have arrived. The Christmas music is played nonstop. I have two wish lists: one for myself, one for the gifts I want to get for everyone else. I wear my insane Christmas socks (with bells, thank you very much) like a crazy cat lady. Tonight, I continued the Bittner tradition of interpretive dance - to "I'll Be Home for Christmas". Blake THOROUGHLY enjoys my interpretive dancing. Or at least he humors me.

It's coming, people. Christmas is around the corner.

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