"Working" Weekend

This weekend was mostly work - 33 hours worth, to be exact. But it doesn't feel like work. I started in the Gordon College Admissions Office as a lowly tele-counselor my freshman year, went through stretches of tour guiding and event planning, then ended up as the assistant to the Admissions Counselor for Connecticut and New York City. My employment, which began as a means to a financial end, became a source of some of my closest relationships and fondest memories at Gordon.

Friday began with a visit to Heather's for a fall brunch - this girl is so ready to be a teacher, it's not even funny.

At 6:30 on Friday night, my boss (Justin) and I headed down to New Jersey so that we wouldn't have to make the trip in the wee hours of Saturday morning. Getting your own room at the Hilton in Woodcliff Lake after staying in 2 shady hostels (Miami and Rome), a village in Honduras and a missions base in Tijuana? Yes, please.

(Yes, I am that girl who takes pictures of everything on her phone.)

On Saturday morning, we boarded the Gordon College caravan (a.k.a - coach bus full of high school seniors from PA, NJ, NY and CT) and stopped at three schools on the way up the coast. After our last stop in Connecticut, we had 38 fun, well-behaved kids with us. The caravan is an old Gordon tradition that had been vetoed in the three years previous and reinstated this year as a way to get prospective students from New England to visit campus and the surrounding area for a weekend. We arrived at Gordon around 6 PM; the kids were excited, full of sugar, and ready to go on a flashlight tour of campus. I was ready to go home, get in some pajamas and apply a heating pad to the back of my neck.
(Look how well they line up to be counted! And we didn't lose even one. Mission accomplished.)

But it was our 5 month anniversary, so Blake and I made a visit to the local Mexican restaurant, Acapulco's, to celebrate. I reached record-breaking lameness by going to bed at 9:30 on a Saturday night. Because that's what adults do.

On Sunday I met up with the group again for their Boston Experience Day. The caravan group combined with two groups from California - making 48 students that 5 counselors tracked through Faneuil Hall, a duck tour, a church service at Park Street, and a very cold walk back to the bus.
(NJ-PA Counselor teaching the kids the "New Jersey fist pump")

One of the highlights was reconnecting with Sarah Mouw, who was once my admissions counselor, was then my boss, and is now my good friend and mentor. She is one of those gems that you come across rarely; she always gives good advice, can make anyone laugh and loves these prospective students as much as I do.

And I do love these students. I see so much potential, so much energy, and so much hope in them for the future of my school. I have been blessed by the wonderful education and firm spiritual foundation at Gordon, and I love that I get to help other students realize how much the college has to offer. It's not work, really. Just a fun distraction from the piles of homework yet to do.

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