2010 in Review

On this New Year's Eve night with my mind cloudy from cough medicine and a family in the other room that I love dearly, this year in review is best and most efficiently expressed in photographs.

Because I've learned too much. Because I've loved too much. Because 2010 doesn't have room for verbosity.

January: I began my internship with CBS News.

February: I traveled to Miami to help out with pre-Super Bowl broadcasts, where I met a lifetime hero, Bob Schieffer.

March: I had a wonderful bridal shower with some of my favorite women in the world.

April: We had engagement photos taken by the talented Jerome Braga.

May: I went to Italy with the International Journalism Seminar.

June: I married my best friend and went down to Florida for our honeymoon.

July: Blake and I went into NYC multiple times to see shows and visit his college friend, Dave.

August: I went to Honduras during my employment as Production Coordinator for Wall Street Exodus.

September: Blake and I moved up to Boston for my last year of school, and we were tour guides for Not for Sale's "Free2Walk".

October: We were newscasters for Halloween. I was Katie Couric.
November: We went down to D.C. to visit my grandparents and share Thanksgiving with them.

December: We celebrated the Christmas season at our parents' homes.

Here's to 2011! May God bless you and keep you.

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