The Chair

A few years ago I decided to make a quilt with my Grammy. I assumed that an ability to sew would be genetically transferred from my two talented grandmothers - one who has made all my quilts since I was a wee one, the other who made dresses for every occasion since I was just as wee (and made the flower girl dresses for my wedding!). Sadly, I was a quilting failure. I destroyed the second row of my quilt, cried, and went running back to a grandmother who quickly and almost effortlessly corrected my mistakes.

And so, ever since that time, I've been searching for an artistic pursuit that would prove successful. I wanted to try making my own clothes, but my husband does this raised eyebrow you've-got-to-be-kidding-look whenever I mention it. I wanted to create art from the many engagement/wedding cards that I received, but I haven't gotten around to it. Then I decided that photography might be a good plan. But you need a camera for that. It's an investment I'll be more willing to make when/if I have more time for it.

But the perfect project fell right into my lap a few days ago...

As Dad was cleaning out the basement, he left this chair in the "dump pile".
I saved it with some help from my Dad and Grammy.


1. Find a wooden chair.
2. Unscrew padding. Remove old fabric and beat out the cushion. Leave outside for an hour or two to air out.
3. Sand the wood.
4. Cover with 2/3 coats of primer. Be sure to stir the can. Turn the chair upside down to get every surface.
5. Repeat step 4 with white paint.
6. Let paint dry overnight.
7. Find a generous grandmother to get fabric from. Back the fabric and sew seams into the fabric. (Grammy did this with some of the fabric from our quilt at home. The chair will go in the bedroom).
8. Staple gun the fabric tightly around the chair cushion.
9. Screw cushion to the chair.

A big thank-you to Dad and Grammy!

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