Merry (Late) Christmas!

I haven't written a blog post in a week. I feel kind of bad about that. Not too bad, though, because we've been busy celebrating, spending time with family(ies), and eating delicious food (which I also feel kind of bad about. But not really, because I've worked out almost every day. Huzzah! [This, I'm pretty sure, is not the correct use of that expression]).

I'll stop being parenthetical and just get down to it. In list form.

Highlights of this week...

1. Singing Christmas carols downtown with Grace Community Church. After all, the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.
2. Tea and homemade biscotti.

3. Last minute Christmas shopping with Dad - an unintentional tradition.
4. Finding two trees. Oh, excuse me...one tree. My parents went plastic this year. Blake and I have been busy developing appropriate episode titles if we ever decide to cinematize our life. So far we have "The Day the Evergreen Died", "The Christmas my parents decided to kill tradition for the sake of convention", and "What's that smell? Oh no, that's the candle behind our tree." Suggestions welcome.
5. Watching any and every Christmas movie without materialism as its message. We also eliminated a few that Blake thinks are stupid.
6. The Shoreline Christian School Christmas party that my mother hosts every year. I very much enjoy adult parties. Especially when they involve shrimp.
7. Jillian and Aaron's Christmas party. They have nice friends. They're not so bad themselves.
8. Christmas Eve brunch at my Grandparents-in-law's house. We're still having trouble naming everyone. So far I like "GrandMIL" and "GrandFIL".
9. Christmas Eve dinner at the Spadecenta's. More shrimp.
10. Christmas Eve pajamas. Blake's first year.
11. The Christmas Eve service at Trinity in New Haven. Everyone smelled like fish from dinner. Not in a good way. Can there be a good way?
12. The arrival of the Bittner grandparents from Virginia.
13. Christmas morning snuggles by the fire, followed by the opening of stockings and our "Santa gifts".
14. Christmas morning at the Walker's, where I received a Build-a-Bear, the Kardashian sisters' book and a pancake pen. Yes, you read me correctly.

15. Christmas at my parents' house and my grandparents' house. Lots of food. Some might say too much.
16. More food at the Walker's.
17. Singing the 12 Days of Christmas and making up stories using our stocking gifts.
18. The first blizzard of the season.
19. Going to see "Tangled" in the first blizzard of the season, seated in the third seat surrounded by seven other people, pestered by one 12-year-old boy and listening to the complaints of one very worried backseat driver.
20. Watching 3 hours of "Modern Family" in bed on a Sunday evening with Blake, gummy bears and a bag of popcorn.

Here's to hoping that your Christmas was blessed, family-filled and celebratory of Christ's birth!

Also, if these photos don't display that I have zero bodily-kinesthetic awareness, I'm not sure what will.