Six Months

Yesterday after locking ourselves out of our apartment (it was bound to happen - I kept telling myself I didn't have the energy to copy those darn keys) we called the landlord to notify them of our error and headed off to downtown Salem for a six month anniversary dinner and Christmas shopping.

Now, if you're not from the North Shore of Massachusetts, you may think Salem is only occupied by witches and hooligan teenagers. And if it were Halloween, you'd be right. But, if you visit Salem any time other than October, you would enjoy the history and culture that this once harbor town affords. Bundled to the chin, we walked the brick sidewalks, visiting small boutiques and admiring the Christmas lights that dotted the trees.

We enjoyed dinner at Tavern in the Square, a great restaurant with large windows looking out onto (you guessed it) the main square.

And I think it's worth mentioning that the last six months have taught me the following:

1. Marriage is 10x more fun than dating.

2. Don't begin a weighty discussion after 9 PM.
3. Beware of the ways you take away the other's joy.
4. Hold hands. A lot.
5. Pick your battles.
6. Use your own toothbrush.
7. It's okay to be bad at cooking.
8. It's okay that he hates to clean.
9. Tell him you're proud of him as often as possible.
10. You will budget differently.
11. Don't look at his side of the closet. Just don't do it.
12. Say "I love you" before "goodnight".
13. Go through old pictures to see how far you've come.
14. Marriage is not about you.

I can't write the volumes on marriage that many of you can, but know that I read those volumes in the smiles of my grandparents, the words of my parents, the glances between my in-laws. Your examples are beautiful.

And for those of you who were wondering, we did get back into our apartment.