15 Degrees

I'm going a little stir crazy.  
I know because I've been looking at job postings and flights to Europe all weekend. 
At 15 degrees, it's too cold to go outside. There's snow everywhere. I have rain boots and Ugg boots - neither of which can substitute as snow boots. To make it worse, snow is forecasted again for the coming week. Stop it. Just stop it, right now.

I'm feeling so much like a brat today that I've already put myself in solitary confinement. You can only do so much studying and cleaning in one weekend. And sometimes, when it looks like winter just had the stomach flu all over your once sunny, beautiful world, not even the purchase of new work pants and a movie titled "Manhattan" will help. You hear that, winter? You've outstayed your welcome.

So today I'm making a list. "Things to Do Before Graduation". To-Do #1: Find a job that transfers me to New Zealand from January - March. I'll let you know how it goes.

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