7th Monthiversary

A conversation between husband and wife while watching Scrubs on TV...

S: "Wait! They clipped that part. He's supposed to say, 'Let me just check to see if we're a match'."
B: "Oh. I don't know if that happens right after... no, you're right."
S: "I don't know which is more upsetting: the fact that they clipped the show or the fact that I know every line of this show by heart."
B: "How about the fact that we're watching this on TV when we have this episode on DVD in the other room?"

I'm liking this vacation thing. I'm liking the pajamas that I'm still in and the book that I'm reading. I'm liking the relative warmth outside. I'm liking the thought of a good meal and dessert tonight.

And I'm loving being married. Happy 7th monthiversary to us!

Because we do actually have lives back at home, check out the new website for Blake's job. Note "The Partners and Advisors" under the "Who We Are" tab. I could not be more proud of who my husband is and how hard he works!