Disney: Part 2

Another update on our vacation...

Fireworks on Monday night in the Magic Kingdom.
Finishing up a few of the main rides in the MK - including one of my favorites, Haunted Mansion.

Animal Kingdom on Tuesday morning.
Watching the gorillas.
Riding Expedition Everest.

The Safari in Animal Kingdom.
No alligators this time.

Pool time.
A pleasant reunion with our long-absent friend, Vitamin D.

Downtown Disney.
Dessert at Ghirardelli Chocolate.
I worked out beforehand, so there was no guilt.

Wednesday at Hollywood Studios.
Getting our adrenaline up on Tower of Terror and Rock 'n' Roller Coaster.

Lunch at Beaches & Cream on the Boardwalk.
Delicious burgers and brownie sundae served by the sweetest waitress on earth.

In other recent news, check out my friend Sara Martisek's blog post from yesterday. She and I met in our internship at CBS News and have maintained a love for the beautiful city that we lived in for 5 months and compelling line of work that we're pursuing!

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  1. Thanks Stevie!! Looks like you guys are having a blast at Disney!


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