Disney: Part 3

Tonight is our last night in Florida! We've had a very relaxing, much-enjoyed vacation week, but we're ready to be back at home, see our families, hang out with our friends, buy books for the coming semester, return to our jobs, and assume a better exercise (and healthy eating) routine.

Here's a recap of the last two days...

Magic Kingdom on Thursday.
Seeing one of Blake's high school friends in the parade.
Finally getting to PhilharMagic.

Friday at Epcot.
Our Disney tradition: the photobooth (started on our honeymoon).
Sampling at "Club Cool". The Mexican soda is delicious.

Falling in love with Earl of Sandwich, the most delicious sandwich-maker in the world. We went three times in 24 hours. I plan on writing them a letter to show my appreciation.

Our last night.
Pastries and tea at the France pavilion. Have I told you that I love France? And French food? And the French language? And almost anything pertaining to or coming from the country? Because I do.

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