Small Town, CT

As a wee, impressionable girl, I was slightly annoyed by the slow, overlapping lives of small town folk. Any time we went into the city I was refreshed by the privacy and relative isolation of middle-class New Yorkers. It made me dislike even more what seemed drab and motionless about existence in Small Town, Connecticut.

But now that I am grown, well-rounded and far more astute (heh), I can appreciate the best of both worlds. Connecticut has things to offer. There are even publicity jobs in Connecticut that might tempt me to live here after I graduate. I made a list today. And for those of you naysaying teenagers (you know who you are and I know who you are, because I was one of you) who claim that Small Town, Connecticut is boring - shame on you. Shame, I say. In the words of my wise mother, "bored is an attitude".

For instance, this past week Blake and I experienced our small town and surrounding area in all of its glamor and glory.

We received tickets to "Celebrity Autobiography", a play at Long Wharf Theatre, from Blake's older brother. Christopher has been working at the theatre for almost a year now, and we're reaping the benefits. Nothing beats a good comedy routine on a Thursday night, especially when it mocks the rich and famous. Celebrities say the darnedest things.

Yesterday my mother-in-law and I paid a visit to this little place. While the lemon bar gave me one of the most brutal sugar headaches of my life, the Acai Berry Smoothie is divine. And if tea time at a place called "Savvy Tea Gourmet" isn't chic, I don't know what is. We followed it up with a trip to the outlets. J.Crew had nothing. Shock of all shocks, I know.

We chose not to drink whatever foul substance this is. I don't trust green beverages.

Then today, Blake and I had a lunch date, which is one of the perks of being employed by a member of your family. Another fun thing: gift certificates. One of Blake's clients got him a gift certificate to this place for Christmas. It got a 28 from the Zagat guide, which must be good because they post it on their website. Best turkey sandwich in town (which means they gained victory over 5 other restaurants).

So, younger self, put that in your metaphorical pipe and don't smoke it. You wouldn't have wanted to grow up anywhere else.

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