Blake and I are renewing our vows!

Just kidding.

If you're anything like me, you loved planning your wedding - the colors, the flowers, the dresses, the registry. I love, love, loved it. I loved it so much that I found myself at Style Me Pretty every stinkin day, first for ideas and later to check and recheck those ideas. It was stupid. Really, I went a little insane.

BUT it drew me to the conclusion that every woman should have more than one wedding. To the same man, of course, but say... every five years. I've heard that five years into your marriage you usually have children, and they take precedence and blah, blah, blah. I say to heck with it. You have children so that they can be your ring-bearers and flower girls at the vow renewal. Duh.

Is that selfish? That's because I can be. I don't have any sticky fingers and dirty footprints to clean yet.

In any case, here's what our second wedding is going to look like...

 These dresses for the 'maids. 

These cream-puff things. It will be a dessert-only reception. But with so much dessert that you won't even notice the missing dinner. 

This location for the ceremony

This favor box in Tiffany blue. I will make some kind of cookie to go inside. In five years I will be an excellent baker, among other things.

I want a fresh bouquet of these flowers in my house every single day. 

This reception site. Does it not remind you of the Shire? I'd invite the hobbits. If they looked like Elijah Wood. 

This dress

This cake. I'm almost positive my mom could pull it off. 
Here's your five year heads up, Mom. 

Does it look like there's too much pink? Probably. But if there's one thing I've noticed about guys at a wedding, it's that they don't remember squat. Except maybe how good the Chinese food was. And how much they didn't want to get up and dance in front of every person they know. So go for it. Pink up the whole place. (Yes, that was a pun. How embarrassing.)

And I promise I'll get to the 30 Day Challenge. Soon.

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  1. Oh my goodness, I love this post. And I totally agree. I'm about to get married (in 10 days! ah!), and while I adore everything we're doing for our special day...I have sooo many ideas.

    I'll share this every five year idea with James...we'll see what he thinks. :)


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