The Job Search: Part 2

As I'm sure you know by now, it's not easy to get the jobs I want in New York City. A mentor reminded me the other day that I probably wouldn't want it if it did come easy. There's that glass-half-full perspective that I'm struggling for.

In any case, I'm doing all that I can to be prepared, to be informed, and to get a leg up.
Here's what that looks like so far.... 

20 job applications. 1 fellowship application. 1 internship application. Professional photos taken. Business cards ordered. VisualCV posted. Resume(s) edited and re-edited. Creative cover letter, complete. Meetings set up. Contacts contacted for PR contacts (say that 10 times fast). Books purchased. Books read. Cookies baked and bums kissed.

Just kidding about that last one. There will be no bum kissing from this girl - that's where I draw the line. Cookies might be a good idea, though.

In all seriousness, it's been tough. And those job applications? Those are just preliminary. I don't start seriously applying until March. But I want this, and I'm trusting God's direction on it. I've said it before - if I'd relied on my own strength I would be doing my student teaching right now. And hating it. Because I am not cut out to be a teacher. I'm just not nice enough. I know you think I'm kidding, but I'm a fairly intolerant person when it comes to people making stupid mistakes. And it's a kid's job to make stupid mistakes. It took a serious head-turn for me to realize the wrong reasons for my decision and the power in God's direction.

At the end of my college career, I can be sure of a few things that will work their way into my future: I married young and well, I love the God who leads me, I have a strong support system, and I am crazy-passionate about Public Relations. I'm excited about the challenge that the field offers and I know I can be successful in it. Public Relations demands creative thought every day - it demands all of the insight required of Advertising and Marketing, but it also requires persuasion and the ability to communicate at a higher level. I won't say any more than that, because we might end up with a book rather than a blog post, but I can rest assured that this path that is winding and steep is the right path.

Now to the good part: Rebekah's pictures. This friend and photographer took only 24 hours to get these lovelies to me. Here's just a sample...

You can also check out my updated VisualCV here: http://www.visualcv.com/p0ak144
If you have trouble opening the webpage, please let know!


  1. These would make good "About the Author" pictures;) Good luck on the job search honey! You're going to be great!!

  2. Thanks, Sara!
    By the time I write a book, I'll probably look a lot older, though :) We'll see...


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