I believe that there's an essence (for lack of a better word) to this life that continuously hangs above our everyday awareness - an essence that is good, and satisfying, and more full of the understanding of God's grace and providence than what we experience in the pedestrian. And sometimes, when we need it most, we are lifted to that place to be reminded of how very small and yet how very loved we truly are. 

I'm in that place today. 

I grew up among people who loved each other so fully that the words often became trivial, lacking the power that those four letters, in a perfect world, should have. "Love" is what we say before bed, before hanging up the phone, before going away on a trip. Now I'm realizing that we know our place in the palm of God's hand when love moves past speech. At the end of the aisle, when my father gave me away, I told him that I love him - and I told him in a way that left my heart stamped by beautiful memory because it was so real. At the end of a week that could not seem to go right, I told my husband that I love him, because God's grace provided me with a man that I care for beyond all reason and don't deserve in the least. In the palm of God's hand, we are safe. In the palm of God's hand, we are loved. And in weeks that raise us up beyond the everyday, we can rest in the shadow of His staggeringly real promise.

With this in mind, I have a new appreciation - for the things I have and the things I don't have. For the people who love me and the people I love. For the God who will not let me go. For deep belly laughs and good long cries. For sleepy morning faces, hand holding and knowing looks. For watching little ones grow up and for being there in the moments of silence. For shoulders to lean on, kisses and back rubs. For the little ways we love each other, and the times when we realize what love really means. 

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