Presidents Day Weekend

We got some teasingly warm weather this weekend, followed by freezing winds and now a dusting of snow as I'm on my way back to the gym, work and classes. But I'm hanging on, because the first day of spring is only a month away. Visions of Easter dresses and daffodils are dancing through my head.

A weekend update from the Walkers:

1. Rachel and I went out to lunch on Friday, then headed up to Gloucester to check out a potential reception site for her wedding. Note to those of you planning a wedding: Massachusetts has some incredibly beautiful wedding locations. Um, hello? The views? Don't even get me started. 

2. Tavern in the Square in Salem. Again. Free dessert because we had yet another slow waiter. See, kids? Patience does pay off. In CAKE. 
3. Hitting the town (as in, our lazy, crazy town) on Friday night with Melissa and Carissa. Having a glass of wine and enjoying the company of old friends. 
4. Blake got to stay home and watch the end of the UConn game in solitude. And loved it. Aside from the fact that they lost. Hey, maybe my presence IS good luck. 
5. Blake finally got that membership to the local gym. He used it and made some friends playing basketball. Adult friends. The Walkers are officially grown up. 
6. I jumped in on some Wall Street Exodus meetings on Saturday during the day, and I'm continually in awe of the support, growth and God's guidance in the project. I'll let you know when the website is fully developed, because it's worth checking out! 
7. My good friend Rebekah Frangipane took some professional head shots for me this weekend. She's amazingly talented, so I wasn't surprised that they came out so well. More on that later. Also, feel free to mock me getting professional head shots. I'm already numb to it because of all the mocking I got from my sister. 
8. We got lost (mentally) in a store closing sale at Borders. It was chaos. Wonderful, beautiful chaos amidst a sea of books at 20-40% off. I stood in line for at least 30 minutes to buy 3 books. Worth it. 
9. We had fondue again. No, really, it's that good. This time we shared the wealth with our friends Heather and Brian, and had the pleasure of partaking in "Heather's Signature Salad". It was so good, I think I'm going to keep the recipe a secret. Also, I can't remember what was in it. But take my word for it: delish. 

10. I made mango smoothies and pretended it was summer. They weren't that good, but the glass made me feel fancy. 

11. Blake and I like to play this game called, "How Fat Will Stevie Be When She's Pregnant". Don't worry, this is not a sign of things to come in the near future (unless God has other plans). But it's a super-fun game. Also, the stomach makes a nice book-rest. 

12. You know what happens when your husband comes from a family of five boys? Cereal fever. There are two of us. We do not need five boxes of cereal. 

 Happy Presidents Day! 
Maybe I'll tell you how much I love John Adams later, even though I know that this day is technically only commemorating the lives of Washington and Lincoln. Adams did some good stuff, too. Plus he's got one heck of a miniseries that is now on DVD for $40


  1. I love the how fat you will get when you're preggo game, ha! Your blog makes me smile:)

    p.s. I changed my blog url, so update your blog roll! www.saraandluke.blogspot.com


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