Snow Day(s)

I woke this morning to a crisp whiteness peeking through our bedroom window - a sight not unfamiliar to New Englanders who have seen more snow this winter than we thought meteorologically possible. And I can't say that I was pleased because, despite my highest hopes, I did not receive the text message/email/voicemail combo from Gordon College Security that would assure me of snow's auspicious intentions in removing the obligation of school.

So I poured myself a cup of coffee, got myself dressed and kept my phone on full-volume, trusting that Gordon would come to its senses, look outside and take proper precautions for our safety. I even skipped the gym, not willing to risk the drive if school were to be cancelled anyway. Alas, at 10:30 there was still no cancellation, so I donned my hat, scarf and gloves (which all match, and though I love them, I'm a little embarrassed to be "that girl").

Now, let me tell you a little story about our car. If I speak to you daily you can skip this part, because I told this spiel yesterday...

One. On the way back from Florida, our gas gage started to flake out, telling us that we had no gas when we had just filled the tank. While annoying, it does return to normal functioning every once in a while, allowing a quick reminder of how close we are to empty.
Two. Last week after a Stop & Shop run, the trunk refused to latch. The car dutifully reminds us when we begin driving that the trunk is open. Also annoying, but, though we live in a city that has more potholes than actual pavement, the trunk hasn't blown open...yet.
Three. Two days ago we went out to our car and discovered that someone had taken out our side mirror - leaving wires exposed and the mirror in about 15 pieces, 12 feet away. No note. Nothing. Just a damaged car and a wounded pride as I sadly gathered all the pieces.

If you're not all feeling sorry for me yet, here's the worst part: I drove to school in a blizzard, with a car that makes merging onto the highway nearly impossible and roads that made even 15 mph questionable. Sad, sad little Stevie making her way to class with her matching hat, scarf and gloves, sending up prayers for safety and seriously considering how to escape the myriad of collisions running through her mind.

I made it to school, only to find that school had been cancelled for the next TWO DAYS.
Joy, yes joy - but also a little bit of frustration that I had been devoted enough to my studies to risk my life for them, only to have my self-sacrifice rebuffed by a last-minute change of plans.

Today's Discoveries:
1. I have the reflexes of a cat. No, really. I avoided many a head-on collision today. You know the stories about the mothers who lift houses off of their children because of a sudden rush of adrenaline? Today I was one of those mothers, protecting my poor, damaged car.
2. Mothers cure anxiety. My mom talked to me during my near-freak-out on the way home, and I lived to speak of it.
3. Why do we live here in the winter? BIRDS are smarter than we are, people. Let's all fly to Florida.

4. Betty Crocker makes a mean sugar cookie. And baking is a perfectly acceptable pastime for snowy afternoon. As is blogging.

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