Super Bowl XLV Weekend

When I woke up this morning, there were birds singing outside our window. BIRDS. It sounded much like what I imagine the cheering in the Packers' locker room sounded like last night - a noise of ultimate triumph, the promise of a much-needed break. And with the beginning of what we can only hope is the snow's gentle farewell, visions of beach towels and long sunset walks are filling my daydreams. You tell 'em, Punxsutawney Phil.

Some Super Bowl weekend highlights...

1. Candles in the bathroom.
2. Valentine's Day shopping with my Mother-in-Law.
3. Changing a tire without completely losing our cool.
4. Shrimp Scampi Pizza.
5. Going to see "The King's Speech" with Jillian and Aaron.
6. Addressing cards for the holiday.
7. UConn's win against Seton Hall.
8. Watching the snow melt.
9. Making football brownies.

10. Grandaddy's birthday.
11. My mother's gift of Jet-Puffed Mallow Bites.
12. Watching our flowers bloom. (I made something grow! For real!)

13. Super Bowl at the Walker's, where the highlight was most certainly the nachos. 
14. Sleepy mornings.
15. Free laundry.
16. Making it home without any more car problems.