The Weekend Recap

It's that time again... time for The Weekend Recap!


1. Driving to the Gordon gym on a non-school day.
2. Shopping with Rachel Strasner.
3. Having Rachel Strasner convince me that I should buy the ring and belt that I'm only entertaining the thought of buying. That's what girlfriends are for.

4. Modeling bridesmaid dresses for (you guessed it) Rachel Strasner.
5. Homemade pizzas at Andrew's house. It's amazing how many people you can feed with 4 pizzas when the toppings are 4 inches thick.
6. Shrimp/onion/mozzarella/ricotta pizza? Ate half of it.
7. Listening to the laughter of friends. 

8. Waking up early and making oatmeal pancakes.
       S: "I made pancakes!"
       B: "Oh!"
       S: "They're oatmeal!"
       B: "Oh?"
       He's wary of trying new recipes. And married the queen of recipe experimentation.
9. Late afternoon coffee with Heather and Brian. We love them in the whole, let's-still-meet-for-coffee-when-we-have-grandchildren sort of way.

10. Getting my Valentine's Day gift 2 days early... It's a desk! And if you think Blake is hugely lame for buying me a desk for Valentine's Day, think again. I've been wanting that baby for FOREVER. Or really more like 6 months, which is also a long time.

11. Watching Blake put the desk together. He sticks his tongue out when he's concentrating, which is pretty cute. And he wouldn't let me help. Points for chivalry.
12. Waking up early to finish my art studying. Downside: the second-wind to my fatigue then made me fall asleep right before we should have left for church.
13. Huck Finn, the Disney movie. Pajamas. Eggs, easy-over.
14. Sales at Target. Blake's enthusiasm for these sales.

15. Pre-Valentine's Dinner at Joe's American Bar and Grill. Amazing Chicken Piccata. Downside: the world's worst waiter. Even if it was his first day, the guy was a sad, apathetic mess.

16. Oh, wait. That apathetic waiter gave me a rose. He said, and I quote: "I am required to give you this." For the sake of my own pride, I'm going to assume that he felt awkward giving a rose to some other guy's wife. Pretty rose, though.

17. UConn vs. Providence in Storrs, CT. If you were there and heard some lunatic screaming "SHABAZZ!" at the top of their lungs, it might have been me. If you saw some girl leaning over to ask the guy next to her 10 million ridiculous questions unrelated to basketball throughout the game, that might have been me, too. I get chatty when I'm excited.
18. Driving home on the dark, winding roads of northern CT while singing along to throwbacks on the radio. That was definitely me.

And what does every Monday need? A little bit of love. 
(more on that later)

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