My worst habit.

This morning I woke up from a series of nightmares about my next job interview; one in which I was a part of the Glee cast, and Lea Michele was whining about how she didn't get the job. One nightmare gave me the job but I quickly realized that I didn't want it, and the last labelled me "bossy" on my interview sheet and turned me down. When you come from a twisted little world like that, it's a struggle to assimilate yourself to normalcy in the morning. 

Which brings me back to the 30 Day Challenge. This little thing that has made its way pretty far down my To-Do List. 

Day 4: A habit that you wish you didn't have. 

I wish I didn't forget my earplugs in the bathroom every night and only realize it once the bed was warm enough not to leave it. I wish I were able to sit down on the couch without feeling like I need to be job searching. I wish I didn't need coffee to jump-start my morning. I wish that I could break away from the feeling that I'd like to be anywhere but here. Now. With only a month and a half left in my college career. Without a clue what I'll be doing when I am anywhere but here. 

And with that feeling comes the faint but continuous pang of worry, which is, I suppose, the biggest habit that I wish I could surgically remove from my everyday range of emotion. Worry seems to be the name of the hour. Worry flavored in with my coffee, tainting every resume that I send, marking every page of the books that I read for Victorian literature. If worry were human, I'd imagine him to be small and ghoulish, showing up where most unwelcome and pulling your hair to get your attention. He's an ugly little creature, and I want him gone. 

But here's the thing, the harsh truth of it all: worry drives me. It reminds me that sending in a resume, a cover letter and writing samples just isn't enough anymore. Jobs in media are only had after the battle to promote yourself, to find and make connections, to assure your interviewer of how creative and forward-thinking you are. The reality is that for each job I apply for, there are at least sixty other college graduates who want it. 

And here's what makes me different: I want it more than anyone else. No, I'm serious. Even Joe Shmoe from Yale with a double major in Public Relations and Marketing and 10 PR internships under his belt doesn't want it as bad as me. If I had to, I'd read every PR book ever published to get into this career. I'd meet with 100 PR companies to sell my ability and its creative potential. 

Point is, I worry. But my God is bigger than that, and he knew when I was a Kinesiology major that I'd be on a completely different path at this point in my life. I've grown tired, but His grace is made complete in my weakness. 

I'm off to New York.
Prayers tomorrow would be greatly appreciated!


Because sometimes, microwavable meals seem boring.

I've been cooking.

And now, before you start panicking, running to the phone and calling Blake to see if our apartment has (a) been filled with the fumes of some foul experiment or (b) burned down, get a load of the finished products.

It turned out well, people. There is hope for future Walker generations. 

Saturday: Chicken, Asparagus and Potatoes Au Gratin

In preparation.
Admittedly, the chicken looks a little gross. But it did turn out well. 

Oh, and the potatoes came from a box. I'm okay with it.

Chicken Recipe:
Put large skillet on burner with a tbsp. of olive oil at the bottom. Take 2 Chicken Breasts, with skin and bones (I took the skin off of mine), place in skillet with olive oil. Cover with 1/2 c. of sour cream, 3/4 c. honey teriyaki sauce, salt, pepper, Italian seasoning and an additional tbsp. of olive oil. Flip occasionally for 15 minutes. Put chicken and liquid (?Is that gross?) in a pan and cook at 350 for 20-25 minutes or until chicken is cooked all the way through. 

Monday: Pizza and Broccoli

Yes, husband had broccoli pizza with a side of broccoli. 

The finished product. If it looks a bit doughy, that's because it is. 
Unlike most normal people, I prefer food that is under or overcooked. Or in the case of ice cream, when it is of a milky consistency. 

Pizza Recipe:
Coat pan with a layer of flour. Cut pre-made wheat dough in half. Spread dough as thin as possible without tearing. Add ingredients as desired. 
My pizza: tomato sauce, Romano cheese, Mozzarella cheese, leftover chicken, green peppers, salt and pepper.
B's pizza: olive oil, salt, pepper, broccoli and Parmesan cheese. 
Cook pizza at 450 for 12 minutes. 

This is especially exciting because my day normally consists of lunches from a box with microwave instructions on the side (No, not Hot Pockets. Lean Cuisine. Try the Butternut Squash Ravioli. It will change your life.) and a husband in the kitchen making something Italian and delicious. Most women would kill for this kind of treatment. Sometimes I'm sad that husband's talent is wasted on someone who would otherwise be satisfied with cold pancakes and Nutella for dinner. But I'm appreciative. 


The Little One Grows Up

Today is my baby sister's 17th birthday. 
And I am reminded of how blessed our family is to have her.

10 things you should know about Christine Hannah:
1. She is the best cupcake maker in all the land.
2. She has more friends than anyone I know.
3. She was gifted with more athletic skill than both of her sisters combined.
4. She loves birds. She's like a bird whisperer.
5. Of the four children, Christy has always been the most daring. She's also the only member of the family to have broken a bone.
6. She doesn't like pizza, but could eat Snyder's Buffalo Wing Pretzels for every meal.
7. Dad wanted to name both Jillian and me "Christy". He'd been waiting for his Christy for nine years before she came along. That might make her the favorite.
8. She'll be working at Camp Spofford this summer.
9. She's funny. Usually when she doesn't realize it.
10. I'm in awe of the mature, beautiful woman that she's becoming, and I'm so proud to call her one of ours.

Happy Birthday, my lovely! We'll celebrate with you soon! 



Have you seen the fitbit?

It was one of the gifts we received from Martha Stewart. It's amazing (not just a glorified pedometer, like I originally thought). You clip it to your clothing and it tracks your sleeping hours, activity, steps and calories burned during the day. You can then go online and log your workout, meals and mood. 

Despite its fairly high price tag, I highly recommend it. If you can get it for free, even better. 

I should write a thank you note. 


Other Moments Passed

I'm juggling right now. There are at least fifteen balls in the air at any given moment. And I'm sure there are some on the floor around my feet with names like "Bang Trim" and "Grocery Shopping" printed across their surfaces. I'm just too busy to look away from "Job Search", "Bio Video Production" and "Poetics Paper".

But I need you, Blog. I need you because I can not let writing become a chore. I need you because this year of my life will not pass by without being documented.

Oops. I guess "30 Day Challenge" is another ball on the floor.

So here we are. 
Another milestone in my life: the beginning of my final quad. 
Another special event: a craft day for Rachel's bridesmaids. 
Another holiday approaching: Easter.
Another paper to be written. Another gym trip to be had. Another cup of coffee to be made. 
The world spins madly on. 
It's a beautiful thing. 

The bride-to-be.

Paper cranes are my new thing. I'm obsessed.

Key Lime Cupcakes made by yours truly.

Rachel and me. I'm awkwardly holding my craft.

 I distinctly remember her asking, "Can we do funny faces?"

For the back of our chairs at the reception. 
Gosh, I love crafts.

Happy Monday!


What I Love About New York: Part 4

Something about it is just so Dickens-esque.
I feel like we should be speaking in British accents and wearing Victorian attire while we eat them.
Instead, people wear green. Green tutus, green track suits, green scarves, huge green hats with white stripes.
Dickens would have been appalled. 

We were there for this historical event.
I saw more of the backs of peoples' heads than anything else.
Oh, lovely. Just so classy and whatnot.
This is one of my favorite areas of the Met - the courtyard outside of the American Wing.
One last night at "The Pit", and one this morning with Emanate PR.
I got the good seats. St. Patrick's Day brings all kinds of crazy into Times Square.
So wonderfully good. It's one of my top three favorite shows, for sure.
James Earl Jones was incredible.
James and Rebekah were in the city, so we met up after the show.
It's true: we love them.
And last but not least, the only thing I don't love about New York:

The rodents of the sky. Or of the ground around your feet where you're dropping Nuts4Nuts.


What I Love About New York: Part 3

We went. Well, B's mom and I went because B didn't want to be one of 3 straight guys in the audience (he would have been). It was lovely. Martha is a hoot.

She kept it together. Even with the woman who asked a question about Dutch horses.
Martha's audience received a Clarisonic Skin Cleansing kit, a "Fit Bit", a Zeo Sleep Coach, and 2 gardening magazines.
Thanks, Marth.
It was an incredibly beautiful afternoon, so we spent some time outside.
These aren't ours. We had little ones. But it did happen twice in 2 days.
We walked a lot?
It opened recently. And it was kinda sorta like being back in Downtown Disney.
It's love.
Somewhere between the greasiness of Johnny Rockets and the over-condimented Red Robin,  Shake Shack rests in all of its fast food glory. Happiness in wax paper, covered in cheese.

This place was phenomenal. Thanks for the gift certificate, Grammy and Grandaddy!
It has a great old school New York atmosphere.
And get the Pear, Raspberry and Blueberry Cobbler.
And sometimes, city noise.

Seriously, where else can you find this?
Aside from LA, Chicago, Boston, DC and all other major modern cities.
I'm convinced that New York does it better, though.

What I Love About New York: Part 2

Cupcake of the week: Cinnamon Toast. A-mazing.
And the great mirrors in Grammy and Grandaddy's apartment.
We saw American Idiot last night. It was a little crass and I'd never bring kids. But it was an interesting social commentary. And who knew you could make a successful show based solely on Green Day songs?
The first sign of spring.
And I actually got Blake to try it. They shoot you in Italy for this.
So much more delicious than you would think. 
Complete with the crazies, the international travelers,  and a movie in production.
I also scheduled another interview for Thursday night! 
Prayers appreciated.
Happy Wednesday!


What I Love About New York: Part 1

We're in New York City this week.
We'll be eating good food, visiting friends, seeing shows and looking into job opportunities.
Because we love this crazy, driven, beautiful, bustling city.

I went to visit the CBS Press Office yesterday. It brought back many fond memories.
Blake and I walked my old running route. We were looking for Goldendoodles to pet. 
Fairway is the best grocery store. Seriously. Any place that can make organic popcorn taste good is ingenious.
I met with my former mentor, Patricia, in the afternoon.
Best part: no driving over potholes. SEE YA, Massachusetts.
This woman had skills.
As you can see from the pictures, it was pretty dark. And the area was sketch. But the food - delish.
Not that I have any real basis for comparison. But I'm pretty sure Mexico doesn't even make them like this.