Day 01: 30 Things

I wrote my "30 Things" slowly but surely over the last week. Yeah... remember this? And they may not be as interesting as they were supposed to be but hey, life gets busy. So here we go...

We are the Walkers.
  1. love when my husband gets back from the gym after schooling some teenagers in basketball and makes comments like, “I’m like Kemba” and “I made three baskets in a row and their jaws dropped”. And I’m all, “I’m so proud of you, love” and “I noticed you looked more in shape”. It’s one of my favorite things. 
  2. I would very much like to have a little sit-down with Lindsay Lohan to discuss the many ways that she has sabotaged her career. While I’m at it, let’s get Mary Kate Olsen and Mariah Carey in there. Just for kicks.
  3.  If I lived in a world in which one could only subsist on breakfast foods, I would not be upset. In fact, I probably wouldn’t know the difference.
  4. I named all of my children – all seven (ahem, I was ambitious then) - when I was thirteen. I also kept a binder of all of the furniture and decorative items for my future home. Complete with a house blueprint. Can you spell c-r-a-z-y?
  5. I am really, really afraid of ghosts. Like, to the point where I will actually do a running start to get in bed so that nothing can grab me from underneath. Never watch A Haunting in Connecticut. Just trust me.
  6. I’m kind of a hypochondriac. And by “kind of”, I mean that I think my appendix is bursting right now.
  7. I have yet to meet a Pop-Tart that I didn’t like. Hot Fudge Sundae and Smores are my favorites. I’ll eat Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough if it’s the only thing you’ve got.
  8. Small, repetitive noises drive me crazy. Water dripping from the tap, the clicking of a pen, sometimes even the sound of a keyboard…
  9. I believe that a steady hand of nail polish, a good workout, some Vitamin D and a shopping trip can get you past a number of ills.
  10. I can personify anything. And will.
  11. I am drawn to babies. As in, if there is a baby on the premises, I will seek it out to snuggle. But I’d rather not have one of my own yet. Although that whole “How Fat Will Stevie Be When She’s Pregnant” game is a real hoot.
  12. I also love spending time with the Greatest Generation. One Christmas break in college I volunteered at a local nursing home and fell in love with the women that I had the opportunity to spend time with. Their stories were the BEST. And they loved having their nails done, which is something I’m rather good at.
  13. My cooking style, if I had to have one, is simple and healthy. Despite what you may think from my poptart addiction (we all have our exceptions), I really do care about what I put into my body. One day when Blake and I move out of apartments and into that house with the blue shutters and white picket fence, I will have both a flower garden and a vegetable garden every spring and summer.
  14. My two professional passions are morning news and public relations. I love the extent of influence that both fields offer. I love that morning news targets a demographic that needs attention. I love that PR takes skill and human interest and writing ability. Sigh. I’d like to sign an employment contract right now.
  15. I’m a huge fan of celebrations. They get me through the mundane. Give me any form of mediocrity and I will find a way to blow it out of proportion.
  16. The perfect morning consists of a good long run, CNN or The Early Show, Real Simple magazine and a lukewarm cup of coffee. In my bathrobe. Preferably in the fall.
  17. I believe in documenting everything (hence my blog-love) – in writing, in scrapbooks, in photos. However you can, document it. It will make you laugh/cry later.
  18. I wear earplugs to bed every night, despite being a fairly heavy sleeper. My husband has a mono-snore. He doesn’t snore per se, but he does have a nasty habit of taking a loud breath through his nose right as I’m beginning to fall asleep.
  19. My eyesight is so poor that I’ve actually been dubbed “legally blind”. Which sounds a lot like legally blonde, but way less fun. When my vision deteriorated (as it sometimes does when your eyes develop) to that level, my eye doctor actually said, “Congrats, you’re now legally blind.” Thanks, bud. It's still completely correctable with contacts. 
  20. The most dysfunctional relationship in my life is the relationship that I have with my eye doctor. He may or may not be listed in my phone as "Dr. Frankenstein". 
  21. I took 12 years of violin lessons with my best friend. We used to call each other, put the phone on speaker and practice violin together. Like we performed duets via telecommunication. While wearing uniforms. And giant owl glasses. It was an awkward time in my life.
  22. I like clean, white home d├ęcor and kitchenware. It’s like a blank canvas.
  23. If neither of us had to work in the United States, we would spend a year in Europe. As much as I love home, there are at least 100 places I need to go before I die. I’m hoping our next stop will be somewhere sunny and relaxing after the winter we’ve had.
  24. Rock wall climbing is one of my least favorite things. It falls somewhere behind meatloaf and cats.
  25. Family is incredibly important to me. Between the two of us, Blake and I have 6 brothers and 2 sisters, 4 parents, 7 grandparents, 2 great-grandparents, 10 aunts, 11 uncles, 19 cousins, and too many second-cousins-that-might-as-well-be-first-cousins to count.
  26. I am becoming a connoisseur of cheap wine. No, not boxed wine. Just wine under $15.
  27. I could spend hours in the bookstore perusing shelves with a cup of coffee. I have a list on the desktop of my computer that shows all of the books I intend to read after I read all the books I have to read. The booklist I created when I was fifteen is also feeling some neglect. We do what we gotta do.
  28. I have a closet interest in reality television. Well, really only The Bachelor and Keeping Up with the Kardashians. But believe me, that's more than sufficiently embarrassing. 
  29. After almost 4 years at Gordon, I am still incredibly thankful for the education I received there. Working in Admissions is great because it allows me to share my experience with prospective students and get paid at the same time! NICE.
  30. I feel like our wood floors are perpetually dirty. They collect dust like you wouldn’t believe. And when I met the girl upstairs at a mutual friend’s birthday party, we discussed the dust as our shared predicament. Don’t judge us if you come to visit. 
There you have it. 
Stay tuned for the weekend recap tomorrow. I'll squeeze it in between studying for my two midterms this  week. Hooray for being halfway through the second semester of my senior year

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  1. please tell me you made it out to the derby square bookstore in salem?? (http://chotapeeleeauto.blogspot.com/2008/12/more-photos.html)


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