Heather Turns 22!

The lovely Heather Ann turns 22 today! Twin digits!

10 Things You Should Know About Heather:

1. She's an artist. A really great one.
2. She was born to be a teacher.
3. She will most likely have twins someday. A boy and a girl. Because she babysits three sets of boy-girl twins.
4. Her impressions are amazing. Blake's response to an impression she did last night: "I don't think I've ever been able to paint a picture of someone so vividly from someone's description."
5. Girlfriend can dance.
6. She hosts the best brunches.
7. My abs usually hurt after hanging out with her for more than five minutes. We speak the same comedic language.
8. She has an awesome costume collection. At Halloween, this girl doesn't mess around.
9. You want her at your wedding. Seriously, she was a HUGE help.
10. We met in Aerobic Walking and hit it off. There isn't anyone I'd rather walk aerobically with.

Happy Birthday, Lovey! 

Our celebration with Heather and Brian last night.
This time I made the strawberry shortcake. Bragging rights. 
In honor of Heather's birthday, the song that you are listening to is by one of Heather's personal favorites - Hanson. You're welcome.