The Little One Grows Up

Today is my baby sister's 17th birthday. 
And I am reminded of how blessed our family is to have her.

10 things you should know about Christine Hannah:
1. She is the best cupcake maker in all the land.
2. She has more friends than anyone I know.
3. She was gifted with more athletic skill than both of her sisters combined.
4. She loves birds. She's like a bird whisperer.
5. Of the four children, Christy has always been the most daring. She's also the only member of the family to have broken a bone.
6. She doesn't like pizza, but could eat Snyder's Buffalo Wing Pretzels for every meal.
7. Dad wanted to name both Jillian and me "Christy". He'd been waiting for his Christy for nine years before she came along. That might make her the favorite.
8. She'll be working at Camp Spofford this summer.
9. She's funny. Usually when she doesn't realize it.
10. I'm in awe of the mature, beautiful woman that she's becoming, and I'm so proud to call her one of ours.

Happy Birthday, my lovely! We'll celebrate with you soon! 

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