Other Moments Passed

I'm juggling right now. There are at least fifteen balls in the air at any given moment. And I'm sure there are some on the floor around my feet with names like "Bang Trim" and "Grocery Shopping" printed across their surfaces. I'm just too busy to look away from "Job Search", "Bio Video Production" and "Poetics Paper".

But I need you, Blog. I need you because I can not let writing become a chore. I need you because this year of my life will not pass by without being documented.

Oops. I guess "30 Day Challenge" is another ball on the floor.

So here we are. 
Another milestone in my life: the beginning of my final quad. 
Another special event: a craft day for Rachel's bridesmaids. 
Another holiday approaching: Easter.
Another paper to be written. Another gym trip to be had. Another cup of coffee to be made. 
The world spins madly on. 
It's a beautiful thing. 

The bride-to-be.

Paper cranes are my new thing. I'm obsessed.

Key Lime Cupcakes made by yours truly.

Rachel and me. I'm awkwardly holding my craft.

 I distinctly remember her asking, "Can we do funny faces?"

For the back of our chairs at the reception. 
Gosh, I love crafts.

Happy Monday!

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