Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy.

Yesterday was a good day.
One of the best.

Here's why...

  • My grandparents and brother-in-law are safe.
  • I woke up next to this. Isn't Husband an adorable sleeper?

  • Rain. A good round of puddle splashing.

  • Driving down to Connecticut for the the weekend.
  • Scheduling my first real job interview. In New York. With a PR company. Joy. Pure joy.
  • A nice talk with my soul's twin, Loo (also known as Pie, Cricket, Cricketpie, Lina, Lina Loo, or Rachel).
  • The clouds parted, and I had a long run in sunny, 54 degree weather. Spring and I had one of those cheesy romantic-comedy reunions with a slow-motion embrace and tear-filled eyes. 
  • An afternoon talk with Mama over a banana and peanut butter. 
  • Drinking coffee with Husband and FIL. 
  • Starbucks' Rocky Road cake pops. What are cake pops, you ask? Portable, sugar-filled bliss. With such convenience, I don't know why you wouldn't eat them. 

  • Butternut squash soup homemade by MIL. It was the most delicious orange thing I've ever eaten.  
  • UConn vs. Syracuse. Annnnd UConn takes the win, moving on to the Big East Championship tonight. 
  • My brother-in-law, Taylor, placed 4th with the SUNY Maritime sailing team in their competition out in California. We're proud.
  • House Hunters International and Pawn Stars with Husband and Dad. 
Have a lovely weekend!

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  1. The Rocky Road Cake Pop is AH MAZE ING!!! A mom of one of my students brought me one after school, and I was instantly in love!!


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