The Weekend Recap #2

If you were wondering what's new with the Walkers (and let's face it, who isn't?), you've come to the right place.

Here's an update from the past two weekends, which consisted almost entirely of eating. Eating out. Large amounts of Italian and American food. We're not normally such chubsters, but this past week, we more than earned the name. In an effort to reverse the damage, we are increasing gym time this week. And sticking to fruits and veggies as a detox. 

  1. On Friday night we tried out a great little Italian place at the end of our street. We walked as a soft snow began to fall, and idled over delicious breadsticks. It was poetic.

2. A trip to the Providence Place Mall left me with a new shirt, sweater dress and the boots that I have been wanting for forever.
3. Discovered Nordstrom CafĂ©’s Dark Chocolate Mocha. Disappointing.
4. We went out to dinner at Smokey Bones with Blake’s friends, Dave and Dave (he only has friends named Dave. It’s his thing.) A sweet couple gave us the remaining balance on their gift card. GOSH I love free stuff. 
5. We spent last Saturday night at Andrew’s strobe-lit birthday party.
6. On Wednesday, we took the trip home for Blake’s great-grandfather’s funeral. The service was followed by lunch at an Italian restaurant in West Haven. It was a long 24 hours of family, food and remembrance. Just the way it should be. 
7. Friday was date night at Longhorn Steakhouse.  

8. I decorated for St. Patrick’s Day. Finally. Those Valentine’s Day decorations were starting to look tacky.

I love him.

Mari, Heather, Melissa, Me, Arielle
Me and Melissa
Irish cover bands are the best.
9. We spent this Saturday celebrating Heather’s 22nd at the Harpoon Brewery's St. Patrick's Day Festival in Boston. I’m not a fan of beer. If I were completely honest I’d have to say that I think it tastes the way cat pee smells. But the cider was good, the brewery tour was interesting and the company was excellent.

10. We had our first taste of real Thai food at the birthday dinner. I was a little more sold than Blake, but I think he was pretty happy with his chicken and broccoli.

11. Cupcakes and a walk downtown make a perfect Sunday afternoon.
12. My business cards arrived just in time for our NYC trip next week!

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